108 Number In Chanting

108 Number In Chanting

Why 108 Number Is Important In Chanting – Nutshell School

108 points have special significance in Hinduism. This number is used in every chanting. No chanting is complete without this number. But do you know why this number is so important while reciting the mantra? Today we will tell you about its important reason.

  • Number 108 is not only related to spirituality but also to science because according to Science, the Sun changes about 216000 arts in a year. During this time, the position of the Sun also changes twice a year. So Surya completes 108000 arts every 6 months. It contains 108 digits.
  • According to another logic of science, a healthy person breathes 21600 times a day. As a result, 10800 breaths every 12 hours. Therefore, it is also related to 108 marks.

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  • According to astrology, the universe is divided into 12 parts, which we know as 12 zodiac signs. Only 9 planets rotate in these 12 zodiac signs. If 12 zodiac signs and 9 planets are multiplied, we get 108 marks. Hence, 108 grains in the chanting depict the Navagrahas.
  • The number of constellations in astrology and astronomy is stated as 27. There are 4 different phases of each nakshatra throughout the year. In such a situation, multiplying 27 constellations by 4 gives only 108 digits.
  • It is also important to have 108 marks in the rosary at the time of chanting because it keeps the chant count correct. The garland always has a large grain in the upper part called ‘Sumeru’. It is considered to have special significance. With this, the process of chanting is completed and another is started.
108 Number In Chanting
  • Sumeru has a special significance in astrology. According to him, this is the highest position of Brahmana. That is when the chanting is completed and it is touched with ahead. During this, meditation of his Ishta Dev is done. It gives the full benefit of chanting.
  • Though any garland can be used for chanting, Rudraksha garland is considered the best. Because they emit disinfectant waves along with magnetic and electrical into the atmosphere. Thereby the negative powers do not erupt around the seeker.

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  • Apart from Rudraksha, you can also chant with Tulsi, Vyjayanti, Sphatik, and beads of beads. Chanting brings peace of mind. Which increases concentration power.

This is Why 108 Number Is Important In Chanting

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