Ghee VS Butter, Which Should You Use And Why?

Ghee VS Butter

Ghee VS Butter, Here Is The Reason Which One Should You Use And Why?

Ghee is a healthy dairy fat that’s becoming increasingly popular by it’s actually been around much longer than that for thousands of years.

The fat is created from regular Butter through a process that removes the water and milk solids.

The end result is a type of clarified butter one that has many advantages in the kitchen.

What’s the difference between butter and ghee?

Ghee VS Butter, Which Should You Use And Why?

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Ghee and butter are similar in many respects the biggest difference is that ghee is almost entirely butter fat any other components are present in trace amounts only.

In contrast butter contains additional compounds including milk solids and lactose.

Both options can even be used in the same ways for example you can spread ghee on your bread instead of butter you can usually in Sauting food.

Because they’re so similar ghee and better off for most of the same health implications in fact the various health benefits of butter apply to ghee as well.

You can choose either one or both to promote your health.

Ghee may be more beneficial for some people due to the lack of lactose this may make it easier to digest especially if you’re lactose sensitive.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), real butter does not contain any trans fats. However, it does contain high levels of saturated fat, which can contribute to high blood cholesterol levels and heart disease if not eaten in moderation.

Ghee VS Butter


Ghee is another form of butter, and the nutritional profile and fat content of the two are similar. However, ghee may be better for people who are sensitive to lactose and casein because it contains less of both.

While ghee and butter should be limited, a person can occasionally include both foods in a varied and balanced diet.

Here is the difference between Ghee VS Butter

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