Interesting Facts About Rainbow

Interesting Facts About Rainbow

Some Must Know Interesting Facts About Rainbow – Nutshell School

  • The rainbow is actually completely round, but we only see half of it from the ground, so you can see a full round rainbow from an airplane flying high.
  • The last four hours of sunlight the rainbow is most visible.
  • Rainbows mostly appear near waterfalls and in areas around the equator.
  • Most rainbows on Earth appear in the US state of Hawaii. Due to which it is also called ?The Rainbow State?.
  • How to make a rainbow : Sunlight gives us white color, but in reality it is made up of seven colors which are visible only when we see it with a prism. You have come to know that now when the rainbow is formed? When the sunlight is refracted and reflected by millions of drops simultaneously during the rainy season, the water droplets act as a prism, due to which we can see them Seven colors are visible in the open sky. This is called the rainbow.
  • Sequence of rainbow colors: It consists of seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. There is also an easy way to remember these colors: “ROY G BIV”.
  • Purple and orange were added to the colors of the rainbow by Isaac Newton in 1666, or earlier only 5 colors were considered in the rainbow. However, in China, only five colors are considered in a rainbow. This is an Interesting Facts About Rainbow.
  • Rane Dacart was the first person who discovered in 1637 that rainbows are formed when sunlight is reflected by rain drops.
  • You can see the rainbow only when the sun is on your back.
  • The rainbow created by moonlight is called Moonbow and the fog rainbow is called Fogbow. This type of rainbow is very rare.
  • Sometimes two, three or four rainbows are also seen together when this happens when the sunlight collides more than once inside the raindrops.
  • If two rainbows are formed simultaneously, the color of the second rainbow will be exactly opposite to that of the primary rainbow. Therefore, in the second rainbow you will see purple color at the top instead of red.
  • No two humans can see the same rainbow. Because, if the person standing next to you is standing in a different place than you, then the rainbow will also look different. Although both of you may feel that you are seeing the same rainbow but in reality you are both seeing different rainbows. Every drop of rain makes its own rainbow so that person will see the rainbow where he stands.
  • When the sun is at high altitude we will see rainbow below and when sun is down we will see rainbow at high altitude. One of the most interesting facts about rainbow.
  • You cannot touch the rainbow.
  • In the solar system, Earth and Saturn’s moon Titan are two places where rainbow formation is possible. A rainbow is formed on Titan when the sunlight reflects with drops of liquid methane. The angle of the rainbow on Titan is about 49 degrees instead of 42 degrees.
  • The thick section between two rainbows is called Alexander Band. It was first defined by Alexander in 200 CE.
  • In ancient times, different civilizations believed differently about the rainbow. According to Greek mythology, the rainbow is a bridge between heaven and earth, the ancient people of Serbia believed that the rainbow is the bow of the ‘storm god’.
  • If you straighten the polarized glasses and see the rainbow, then you will not see the rainbow. (Polarized glasses are glasses that do not get dazzled and in which light comes into our eye from only one place)
  • The word ‘rainbow’ is derived from the word ‘arcus pluvius’ in Latin, meaning “rainy arc”.

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Interesting Facts About Rainbow
  • Why rainbows are formed??Rainbows are caused due to refraction, reflection, and dispersion of light rays. As light passes through different medium, it refracts. See our?refraction experiments?here.
  • Until 17th?Century: People didn?t know how rainbows were formed until 17th?century. Moreover, people believed that rainbows were composed of just 5 colors. It was?Sir Isaac Newton?who discovered all seven colors of rainbows.
  • No Rainbows at Noon:?Rainbows are not seen during noon. This is because rainbows form when light strike water droplets at exactly 42 degrees angle. This is not practically possible at noon.
  • Rainbow is not an object:?Rainbows are not physical objects. They can be seen but cannot be touched. A rainbow is a reflection of dispersed light.
  • Two people observe the same rainbow differently:?Even when you and your friend see a rainbow from the same source, the rainbows are different as the angle of observation are different between you.
  • 7 Colors:?A rainbow is composed of seven colors. The colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. An easy way to remember them is by remembering the name Roy G. Biv
  • Types of Rainbows:?Rainbows are of different types. There are rainbows with two, three, and even four arcs. These rainbows are known as double, triple, and quadruple rainbows respectively. The rainbow at inner most is known as primary arc.
  • Rainbows are circular:?In reality, rainbows are formed in full circles. As we watch them from ground, we see them as half-circles or semi-circles. If you see them from the top of a water falls, you may find them in full circles or almost full circles.
  • Moonbow: Moonbows are rare to see because at night the light is dull. However, when the moon?s light lit up a rainbow during the night hours, it is known as a moonbow.

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Rainbow effect is formed by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets.

It is impossible to observe a rainbow at any angle other than 42 degrees from the direction opposite the light source.

Rainbows can be formed by not only rain but mist, spray and airborne dew.

In a primary rainbow, the outer part of the rainbow is red and the inner part is violet.

A secondary rainbow appears outside of a primary rainbow. The color scheme of the secondary rainbow is opposite of the primary rainbow.

Every rainbow is a circle. But we can only see the upper half of the rainbow as we watch it from the ground. If we watch it from above the earth such as in an aeroplane we can see the rainbow in full circle.

It is difficult to photograph the complete semicircle of a rainbow in one frame.

Rainbows are often seen near waterfalls and fountains.

Rainbows cannot be physically approached or touched.

Rainbows become rare in winter.

Two people see the same rainbow different, because only the light from some raindrops reaches the observer’s eye. Therefore two people in slightly different places see different rainbows.

These are some most interesting facts about rainbow

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