Keep Your Bathroom Sparking Clean

Keep Your Bathroom Sparking Clean

7?Tricks to?Keep Your Bathroom Sparking Clean – Nutshell School

  • Shower Head
    Get rid of?the nasty buildup on?your showerhead.
    Put the head in?a?plastic resealable bag filled with vinegar and fixate the bag with a?rubber band. Leave it?there for an?hour. After removing the bag, let it?run for 1?or 2?minutes and wipe?it.
    Your showerhead has never been so?clean!
  • The toilet
    For this?method, you?ll need a?can of?cola. Just pour it?into the bowl. Let it?stay for 30?to?60?minutes and scrub away afterward.
    You can also use 1/4 cup of?mouthwash instead of?cola or?again, vinegar. It?will ki all the bacteria.
  • Using a?steam machine with oil.
    Steam?ki bacteria and can be?a?good solution for cleaning walls and floors. But you can also add some essential oil to?the water to?make a?fresh natural scent in?the bathroom.

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  • Clean hard water stains using a?lemon.
    This?solution?is?simple and smart. Take a?lemon and cut it?in?half. Use each half as?a?brush for each problematic spot. It?is?especially good for chrome surfaces. You can also add some salt for the more difficult spots.
  • Mirrors
    Don?t forget to?clean?mirrors?and glass surfaces. But if?you forgot to?buy a?special spray, don?t worry. Domestic baking soda is?a?good method to?make surfaces shiny.
    or brew 3?bags of?black tea and pour it?into a?spray bottle. After spraying on?the mirrors, wipe it?with a?newspaper.
  • The bathroom sink
    There are several?tips?to?help keep your bathroom sink clean.
    Put some baking soda or?white vinegar on?your sink and rinse with hot water.
    Brush the metal parts of?your sink with a?lemon.
  • Use dryer sheets to?fight the rings in?your bowl.
    This?method?requires wearing rubber gloves. Take some dryer sheets and scrub the ring in?your toilet till the spots vanish. You can also use a?sponge to?clean the bowl. Apply a?cleaning agent on?the whole surface of?your toilet and then begin cleaning the inner walls with the sponge (don?t forget to?wear gloves).

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More Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Sparking Clean


  • Wipe counters and sink.
  • Check mirrors for spots and streaks ? clean if needed.
  • Wipe toilet handle and seat.
  • Check toilet sides and base for urine drips ? disinfect if needed.
  • Check floor ? sweep and spot clean if needed.
  • Check trash can ? empty if needed.
  • Straighten towels. Replace them with clean ones if needed.
  • Check toilet paper and tissue boxes ? refill if needed.

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Weekly (for Most Families)

  • Sweep and mop floor.
  • Dust baseboards, wall tile, and wainscoting. Spot clean if needed.
  • Clean and dry the sink and polish the faucet. If it is a pedestal sink also wipe the underside (drips tend to collect here), water supply hoses, shut off valves, exposed plumbing pipes, and pedestal. If your sink tends to collect gunk around the edge where it touches the countertop, clean the area with an angled grout brush. If that doesn?t do it, try scraping it away with an old credit card.
  • Remove all items from the countertop. Clean and dry it. If there is white or grey haze around the faucet that will not come off with normal cleaning, you have hard water build up. Check our hard water cleaning chart for the best way to get rid of it.
  • Clean the soap dish.
Keep Your Bathroom Sparking Clean
  • Clean, disinfect, and rinse the toothbrush holder or cup.
  • Clean the mirrors and dust the frame.
  • Clean the toilet bowl.
  • Clean the entire outside of the toilet ? paying special attention to the seat hinge area and the base where urine drips tend to collect.
  • Clean and dry the shower/tub stall and polish the fixtures.
  • If your tub or shower has a door, clean that as well and polish the metal frame.
  • If your tub or shower has a curtain, dust the rod and rings. Check the inside of the curtain for shampoo drips or mold and mildew ? spot clean if necessary.
  • Clean and dry the tub and polish the faucet.
  • Reapply water and dirt repellant spray (such as Repel) to the walls ONLY of the shower and tub.
  • Replace the towels and bathmat with clean.
  • Wipe light switches, door knobs and the areas around them.
  • Empty the trash can.
  • Check the walls and spot-clean as necessary. If you have tile or partial tile walls outside the bathing areas, you may need polish them with glass cleaner to keep their mirror shine.
  • Check the sink, counter, tub, shower, and toilet bowl for hard water build up. Remove it with a cleaner that is appropriate for the surface. See our hard water removal chart for full details and how to decide which products are right for your bathroom.
  • Check drains and remove any hair that would otherwise cause clogs in the future.
  • Replace or refill any scent dispensers you may use.

These are some tips and tricks to Keep Your Bathroom Sparking Clean

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