Longer Smart phone Battery Life – Tips And Tricks

longer battery life

Longer Smart phone Battery Life. Here are 7 Tips For Phone Battery Life.

It?s harder to replace your phone?s lithium ion battery than it is to treat it right in the first place. Many smartphones don?t provide easy user access to their batteries. That includes all iPhones and many flagship Android phones from brands such as Samsung. Official battery replacements can be expensive or inconvenient (try getting an official battery replacement at an Apple Store this year). There are also environmental concerns. Smartphones are, frankly, an environmental disaster and extending the lifespan of your phone battery helps mitigate that.

  1. Turn off your wifi and bluetooth when you?re not using them for longer smart phone battery life.
  2. Put your phone on airplane mode while driving.
  3. Charge your phone up to 3x faster by putting it on airplane mode.
  4. Keep your screen brightness on ?auto? in settings.
  5. While indoors keep your screen brightness to a minimum.
  6. Close apps running in the background.
  7. Lock your screen before putting it in your pocket.
  8. Understand how your phone battery degrades. …
  9. Avoid fast charging. …
  10. Avoid draining your phone battery all the way to 0% or charging it all the way to 100%. …
  11. Charge your phone to 50% for long-term storage. …
  12. Extending battery life. …
  13. Turn down the screen brightness. …
  14. Reduce the screen timeout (auto-lock) …
  15. Choose a dark theme.
longer smart phone battery life

Current versions of iOS will show you your battery health. There is no such feature in Android, but there are third-party apps that will perform this function.

I use AccuBattery which tracks battery health and other stats, as well as giving you a notification when your phone charges to a certain point so you may unplug it. So far, AccuBattery seems to be confirming my understanding of battery degradation. AccuBattery recommends charging to 80%. Some sources I have read suggest the healthy range extends to 90% and that is often a target I aim for as a good compromise between preserving battery in the long term and not running out of battery in the short term.

At the end of the day, the big question is how much is it worth paying attention to all this battery efficiency stuff. Are the battery savings worth the effort?

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