Make Money As A Virtual Assistant From Home

Make Money As A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants help smaller companies that can?t afford to hire a fulltime secretary, or that merely needs to delegate administrative tasks from time to time. As a virtual assistant, you have flexible work hours, no commute, and you can earn up to 300$ a day. You can make money with virtual assistant from home!?

If you have a little experience with administrative work, this may be the best way for you to become an entrepreneur and make money freelancing. 

One thing to be wary of is organizations that want you to pay a fee to be listed with them. Organizations that ask for payment are often just crooks that will not give you the opportunity to make your own money. If the organization really wants to help you, it won?t ask for payment. This is how you can make money with virtual assistant from home.

What?s the job about? 

A virtual assistant is someone, who works as a secretary from his or her computer at home. Not everyone can handle the job ? You must have some experience in the field, before jumping into a job as virtual secretary. 

Can involve a wide variety of work tasks, from simply taking phone calls to sending e-mails, to planning meetings. The more specialized your abilities, the more you will be able to charge for your work, and the easier it will be to find great online jobs. If, for instance, you have five years? experience in marketing and have extensive knowledge of Microsoft Publisher, you can sell yourself as a specialist in this area. 

Companies hire virtual assistants, if they don?t need a fulltime employee. This way, they can save both money and office space. A virtual assistant is not a part-time employee, but rather a professional entrepreneur, handling his or her own taxes, expenses, and equipment. As a virtual assistant, you yourself will be responsible to find clients and promote your services.?This is how you can make money with virtual assistant from home.

In order to be successful as a virtual assistant, you need to have certain IT skills. Although you may be on top of the basics, you also need to be able to handle if your computer suddenly crashes in the middle of your workday. Unlike working in an office, at home you will not have an IT department ready to assist you.?

Make Money As A Virtual Assistant

Before starting the job as a virtual assistant, you will need to obtain certain necessities to your home office. First, you will need reliable internet service that will not slow down due to having many programs running at the same time. Next, you need a work phone, a computer with all the necessary programs, and a headset, so you can easily stay in touch with your clients. 

The need for virtual assistants is on the rise, since more and more companies are requesting temporary employee solutions. Depending on the agreement and the workload, you may choose to charge per day or per hour. A typical hourly compensation will be between 20$ and 35$. 

How you become a virtual assistant 

Before jumping into the job as virtual assistant, you need to make a list of your competences. Try to make a list within each of the following categories: 

Competences and programs you have experience with and are good at. This could be things like Microsoft Word, Excel, meeting planning, etc. 

Competences and programs you have no experience with or are not very good at. 

Competences and programs you would like to learn. 

Competences and programs you like to use, and competences and programs you don?t like to use. 

Once you have created lists for these areas, you should be able to establish how you want to specialize. 

You need to be familiar with various text-editing programs, e-mail, and programs for contact and planning. 

The hallmark of a good virtual assistant is always being accessible. Calls should be answered within the first three rings, and e-mails and letters should always be answered the same day. 

And, yes, many clients call you, just to check on your efficiency. 

How much can you earn? 

This obviously depends which services you can offer, and whether you are paid by the day or by the hour. Agencies can charge up to 215$ per client per day, while you will typically charge between 20$ to 35$ an hour.

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