Routine Of The Royal Family

Routine Of The Royal Family

Daily Routine Of The Royal Family: What Do They Do When We Don?t See Them?

People are always curious about the life of the royals. It?s interesting what do they eat, what do they do during a day and even what do they wear at home. But for years, it?s becoming more and more apparent that the new generation of British royals is trying to have a normal life as possible. And that?s how William and Kate try to raise their kids. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge try to take their kids to playdates with other kids, they visit local pubs, and Kate does her own grocery shopping.

Of course, their daily routines might differ given all kinds of events they take part in. But in general, Queen Elizabeth II starts her day with a bowl of Special K cereal at 7.30 am. She is woken up by the sounds of the Piper to the Sovereign. Then, she answers to letters, has her meetings, and takes for a walk her beloved corgis. Every Wednesday, she has a meeting with the Prime Minister.

Prince Charles loves watercolor painting. He likes doing some gardening and has written two books on ecology.

Prince William gave up his career with the Air Ambulance service. He was a helicopter pilot there. Instead, he decided to work on his royal duties and raise his children.

The Duchess of Cambridge in addition to being a mother and spending most of her time with the kids does a lot of her royal duties. What is more, she enjoys photography.

Earning money isn?t something the royals care about. All in all, they need about ?300 million a year to cover all the expenses. And while some funds are taken from the private investments of the Queen, the rest is donated by the British government.

Some more Routine Of The Royal Family

Queen Elizabeth?s morning letters

The Birmingham Mail tells us that the Queen starts off each day reading the paper and answering letters from the public. Her Majesty reportedly receives upwards of 300 letters a day, and tries to answer many of them herself. Whatever she can?t answer herself gets passed on to members of her staff.

All the Queen?s ?engagements?

Her Majesty has a very full calendar consisting of both political and social events, given the colloquial term ?engagements.? This ranges from opening new sessions of Parliament to hosting parties and giving out awards. Although she often eats lunch privately, she often ends up hosting heads of state for luncheons alongside her husband, Prince Philip. According to the Telegraph, the Queen carried out more engagements in 2015 than Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton combined. This is the Routine Of The Royal Family

Prince William?s royal duties

Routine Of The Royal Family

Until just a couple years ago, the Duke of Cambridge was an air ambulance pilot. But he has taken on more royal duties, especially since his grandfather, Prince Philip, retired. Prince William functions as the Queen?s representative on meetings and trips, and is responsible for helping to maintain foreign relations. In recent years, William has also devoted more time to growing his family, including taking Prince George to school.

Kate Middleton?s official duties

Even the Duchess of Cambridge has duties to fulfill as part of the Royal Family. A big part of her day is spent attending briefings with her personal secretary and advisers to keep her up to date on public, political, and cultural affairs. This helps the Duchess stay in the know about people and events since she attends many events as a representative of the family. 

Prince Charles represents the Queen

Like other well-known members of the family, the Prince of Wales? main duties include representing the Queen when she cannot be present. Charles is responsible for many international tours on the Queen?s behalf to help maintain foreign relations. His wife, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, travels with him as support.

Prince Harry?s day-to-day philanthropy

Previously, Prince Harry spent 10 years serving in the Armed Forces. Now, he represents the Queen and engages in a plethora of charitable endeavors. In addition to work he does with his brother William, Harry has set up many charitable organizations overseas, including the creation of his Paralympics event, the Invictus Games.

Queen Elizabeth?s many public appearances

All that letter-writing and informal lunching? That?s just what the Queen does in the first part of her day! Her Majesty makes a handful of public appearances throughout her day. Often times, she stays in one city an afternoon to attend as many events as possible.

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