Things To Believe About Sushi

Things To Believe About Sushi

Here are some Things To Believe About Sushi

Top facts about sushi

Sushi has always been cosmopolitan

The earthquake of 1923 brought sushi off the streets

The oldest type of sushi in Japan tastes like cheese

Salmon is technically a white fish

Live scallops aren’t actually alive

Uni isn’t exactly what you think

Bluefin wasn’t always so desirable

Japanese knives are sharpened differently

Sushi meals didn’t always begin with miso

There’s already plenty of wasabi on your sushi

Grocery store sushi will always taste sour

Plastic grass in takeout sushi had a historical purpose

Pickled ginger is dyed pink

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Some More Things To Believe About Sushi

1. If you’re ordering take-out from just anywhere, steer clear of Chilean Sea Bass, White Tuna and Snapper.

While most upscale sushi spots operate differently, often times these particular types of fish are mislabeled and you are not necessarily getting what you order.

2. Skip the Soy Sauce.

If you are sitting at the sushi bar, never ask for soy sauce?or any sauce for that matter. The chef has already applied the perfect amount to each piece and intends for it to be enjoyed exactly as it is served. Note: the same goes for wasabi.

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Things To Believe About Sushi

3. A lot of menu items all mean the same thing: Tuna.

At Sushi Nakazawa, a tuna flight of three different cuts of blue fin tuna is served: Akami (lean cut), chu-toro (medium fatty) and toro (fatty). All of these come from the same piece of tuna, but are offered as different menu items or as a coursed flight.

4. If you really want to be an in-the-know diner…

…order kama-toro (collar or cheek) which is considered to be one of the best parts of the fish.

5. Sushi? Sashimi? Nigiri? Explain.

We serve nigiri sushi. That is a sliced raw piece of fish on top of a molded ball underneath it. Sashimi is sliced fish served without rice.

6. Sushi was originally a street cart food!

Take that fine dining.

7. Another thing to skip? Sake.

Champagne is actually the best alcohol pairing for sushi. Bubbles are great when paired with rice with vinegar. The minerality in certain wines (most often white wines) also pairs well with sushi rice.

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