Ants Abdomen Changes Colour After Eating

Ants Abdomen Changes Colour

Some of the ants change from colour to colour, producing new variations in their bodies. Here is how Ants Abdomen Changes Colour After Eating.

The drops retained their shape when consumed by the ants, by putting them on a paraffin base.

The 53-year-old has found that the ants prefer lighter colors like yellow and green.

Dr Mohamed Babu and his wife from Mysore, South India, found something odd about the ants in their kitchen floor surrounding them. Their abdominals turned white after drinking some of the spilt milk! Once he and his wife realized the openness of their bodies, Babu got an idea that would make for great images.

He placed tiny droplets of the liquid on a white plastic sheet outside in his garden by combining various shades of food coloring with sugar, water, and a waxy base, and waited for the ants to feast. “As the belly of the ant is small, the ants obtain the colors when sipping the liquid

There are several areas around the world where the ghost and can be found, but they are typically found only in warmer regions since they can not adapt to colder climates. In the United States they are very popular, particularly in the southernmost states of Hawaii and Florida. They have been reported north as far as New York.

It was not very easy to capture a image of the ants, because Babu ran into an unexpected problem: too many ants! In just a few minutes, the crowd still became unmanageable and when I was handling my camera with my right hand, my left hand was busy killing the extra ants.

‘I was really toiling to get a photo. Within a few minutes the crowd also became unmanageable and while I was handling my camera with my right hand, my left hand was busy extracting the extra ants.

Ants Abdomen Changes Colour

‘I could only repeat that the next day, until I missed the opportunity.’ he explained.

‘Curiously the ants favoured blue, yellow and green colours.

‘The darker green and blue drops had no takers, until the favored yellow and green drops had no room around them.

‘And I put larger drops of yellow and green and smaller red and blue in order to achieve full contrast in all colors.’

This is how Ants Abdomen Changes Colour After Eating.

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