Baby Care Tips During Monsoon Season

Baby Care Tips

Although after hot summer rains bring relief to our body and mind, mothers start to worry about the health of their infant. This hot and humid environment is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other germs that can contribute to diseases such as malaria, dengue, and microbial infections as well. Here are some Baby Care Tips that mothers may follow in order to protect their babies during this season.

Keep Your House Clean

Make sure you always keep your homes safe. Germs and dirt in the house are a big source of your baby’s illness.

Clean water

Drinking water is important even during Monsoon. Please make sure you boil the water properly before you give it to your baby to avoid Monsoon diseases.

Keep Mosquitoes Away

Use a mosquito net at all times to keep your baby safe from mosquitoes and ensure adequate protection. Dengue, malaria during Monsoon are common mosquito-borne illnesses.

Proper Feeding

Don’t give outside food to your baby during Monsoon at any expense. Wash the fruits and vegetables well before you give them to your little ones.

No Cold and Flu

Chances are high that your baby will grow cold and flu during Monsoon. During Monsoon take extra care so your little one is safe and happy.

Pre Monsoon Search

Make sure you do a pre-Monsoon test in your children’s room before Monsoon makes its entrance. Search for humidity and electrical wires to ensure your child is healthy.

Baby Care Tips


Make sure to wear proper clothing for your baby during Monsoon. Let your little one wear long-sleeve clothing when it’s cold outside, and vice versa when the weather is hot and humid.

Keep Medications At Home

You never know when your baby could get sick. Therefore, in case if the doctor is not available at that time, you must ensure that you have some traditional medicines at home.

These are some Baby Care Tips During Monsoon Season

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