Benefits of Sleeping During the Day

Benefits of Sleeping During the Day

Do you take naps? You should, perhaps! A good nap can get you out of that afternoon slump, recharge your energy, and leave you more alert and in a better mood. But when, where, and for how long? Get the secrets to a successful power nap. Here are some Benefits of Sleeping During the Day.

Benefits of Napping

Increase Alertness: It’ll be easier to pay attention during your staff meeting or when driving your forklift if you can stop nodding off or spacing out.

Attitude Adjustment: After a nap, You will be less impulsive and better able to deal with anger — in other words, you will be in a better mood. Napping kills the crankiness. 

Improved Memory: You lose data when your computer crashes. But it actually helps your memory when you crash on the couch for a while. A nap will make it easy to remember the facts that were learned earlier that day.

A Creative Mindset: You need sleep to learn new skills and to be creative (that’s when your brain can finally process the knowledge you’ve stuffed into it). The good news is: to get you inspired, a long nap can be similar to a night’s sleep.

Cash Saver: You already know that too much coffee and energy drinks are not good for you and not as good for your brain as a nap, but have you calculated how much money you’d save by replacing costly trips to the cafe with free naps? These are some best Benefits of Sleeping During the Day.

Benefits of Sleeping During the Day

How to Smart Nap

You’ve already agreed that napping sounds like a plan. If you’re going to try napping, do it right. It’s not as easy as nodding off any time you feel an inkling to yawn.

When: Mid-afternoon (around 3 PM) is best. Don’t sleep too late in the day, or at night you will be wide awake and ruin your routine at bedtime.

Where: Find a peaceful, cool place to doze. Maybe during a break in your car, if you don’t want the boss to catch you snoozing.  (That said, many businesses are starting to wise up by letting employees lie down for a break.)    

How Long: You don’t want to wake up in the middle of a deep sleep, or you’re going to be even more groggy than when you started. For a short nap, Hold it to 20 minutes

Note: If you are still planning on a cup of coffee to supplement your sleep, drink it before you nod off. Caffeine takes time to activate, and it will likely kick in right as you wake up from a short snooze.

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