Strange Things In Different Countries

Strange Things In Different Countries

We are prone to developing customs and traditions around everything from the rituals of beauty to sex. One thing distinguishes man from others within the animal kingdom. In reality, people like this... Read more »
Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher: Benefits And Purpose

Dreams do not only influence some sleeping brain activity. They affect our emotions profoundly. Waking up from a bright and vibrant vision brings optimism, anticipation, and future aspirations. Good dreams are valued... Read more »
Hearing Voices And Seeing Things

Hearing Voices And Seeing Things At Night

The scriptures have taught us that the animals present with their voice in our environment indicate the time of our lives. Some animals cry and tell us something horrible is going to... Read more »
Roopkund Lake Mystery

Roopkund Lake Mystery: A lake full of skeletons

Scientists have discovered that the skeletons found in the vicinity of the frozen lake by around 200 people belonged to Indian tribesmen from the 9th century who died from the hail storm.... Read more »
Real Truth Behind Superstitions

Real Truth Behind Superstitions

Some superstitions are so entrenched in modern English-speaking cultures that they lead to everyone, from laypeople to scientists. However, why are we not walking under ladders? When should we knock on wood... Read more »
Full-Form Of Top Popular Brands

Full-Form Of Top Popular Brands

Our day starts with a brand pick and finishes with another brand. The brand here is different – cars, talkers, cinemas, banks, restaurants, etc. In our lives, terms like JBL speakers, BMW cars,... Read more »
Friendship Day

Friendship Day: What Is It And Why Do We Celebrate It?

We enjoy the Friendship Day every year on the first Sunday of August. Friendship Day is the day we commemorate a special friendly relationship in our lives. Why and when is the... Read more »
Dangerous Dogs In The World

Dangerous Dogs In The World

Nearly every dog is likely to cause unbelievable damage and risk, but some races are more likely to react and lead to deaths! These races should be most careful to obedience, socialized,... Read more »
Is Flamingo Egg Yolks Pink

Is Flamingo Egg Yolks Pink?

Some of the most exotic birds in the animal kingdom are flamingos. These creatures were formed in pop culture through their distinctive look and strange movements. Find the answers to an animal... Read more »
Ways Of Holding Mobile

Ways Of Holding Mobile Can Reveal Your Personality

Statistics estimate there will be nearly 3 billion users of smartphones by 2020. From the point of techno-progress, this reality is not only interesting but also from the psychological side of things.... Read more »