Cumin/Jeera Seeds Benefits

Cumin/Jeera Seeds Benefits

Cumin is known as jeera in Hindi. Cumin is one of the most commonly used spices in North Africa, the Middle East, India, and Mexico. Cumin / Jeera Seeds are long and elongated fruit. Below are Cumin/Jeera Seeds Benefits.

Form: Solid

Type: Seeds

Colour: Yellowish-brown

Texture: Warm and spicy

Flavor: Slight bitter and earthy

Uses: It is a key ingredient in curries along with garam masala. It is used in soups , stews, rice and bean dishes.

Health Advantages-

  1. Promotes digestion

Cumin is one of the most gut-friendly herbs, and promotes pancreatic enzymes, helping with digestion process. Cumin seeds contain thymol and essential oils which stimulate the salivary gland and thus easing digestion. For better digestion and decrease flatulence, it is recommended that people with a poor digestive system should drink Jeera water early in the morning on empty stomach.

Cumin is also carminative, it relieves you from flatulence and thereby improves your digestion and appetite. The presence of essential oils, magnesium, and sodium content, when taken with hot water, can provide relief from stomach aches. This is Cumin/Jeera Seeds benefits.

  1. Treats  Hemorrhoids

Cumin is a rich source of dietary fiber, exhibits carminative, antifungal, and anti-microbial properties. The essential oils in jeera or cumin aldehyde and pyrazines act as a natural laxative, aids in curing infections or wounds in the excretory system and relieves hemorrhoids.

Cumin/Jeera Seeds Benefits
  1. Weight  loss

Research published in the journal complementary therapies in Clinical Practice reveals the benefits for those on diet. Cumin not only helps to lose weight rapidly but also positively affects the body’s fat profile by reducing the levels of harmful lipids in the blood.

  1. Fight cancer

Cumin possesses detoxifying and chemopreventive properties. According to the Cancer Research Laboratory, USA research, the active compound cumin aldehyde found in cumin is helpful in retarding a tumor ‘s growth.

Tips – 

Keep the seeds in an airtight container otherwise they may become soggy.

To taste the best flavour, crush with morter and pestle.

Before adding to the dishes, roast the cumin seeds to enhance the nutty flavour and reduce bitterness.

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