Dabur Isabgol Benefits

Dabur Isabgol Benefits

Dabur Nature Care Isabgol is an Ayurvedic medicine for constipation and gas problems. Here are some Benefits of Dabur Isabgol.


This package is made from a rich collection of natural and herbal ingredients.

Isabgol Husk,

What is Isabgol (Psyllium Husk)?

People often compare the plant of Isabgol and Aloe Vera as they both have similar looking leaves. Isabgol is the seed of a plant called Planovate.  These seeds have been used for many years now as they are known for Ayurveda, thanks to their – Gentle, Laxative, cooling and diuretic properties.

Health benefits:

Dabur Nature Care Isabgol has various medicinal and health values. Useful for:

Irritable bowel syndrome,
Reduces cholesterol

Dabur Isabgol Benefits

Isabgol is mainly used to treat constipation-

  • There is a gelatinous substance that is present in Isabgol which forms a gel when soaked in water. The laxative properties of this gel help to ease bowel movement in your intestines.
  • The gel absorbs bacteria and other harmful toxins present in the intestine.
  • This provides good lubrication inside the intestine walls which help in relieving problems related to constipation.

Natural Remedy for Diarrhea-

The cure for diarrhea is right here if done the right way. Psyllium Husk powder is a superb remedy for diarrhea.

  • Mix Isabgol with Curd & Consume.
  • Curd is enriched with probiotics that help to cure the infection.
  • Isabgol powder will help to hardening the stool thus getting rid of diarrhea.

These were some amazing Dabur Isabgol Benefits.

Psyllium husk contains 70% soluble fibre, and 30% insoluble fiber. It is a well-known remedy to clear out toxins from your body. Isabgol is used mainly for medical purposes and has many health benefits. Isabgol’s soluble fibre helps to reduce the risk of health issues such as constipation, cholesterol, diarrhea, regulates blood sugar level, and more.

How to Use:

  • Adults: 1-2 Teaspoon at bedtime with water. 
  • Children: 1⁄2 teaspoon with water at bedtime.
  • Or as suggested by the doctor.

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