Don’t Eat Soy Products

Don't Eat Soy Products

Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Not Eat Soy Products

Soy milk will damage your thyroid.

Nutritionists frequently suggest soy milk because regular milk’s safe substitute and multiple people drink it on a daily basis thinking they’re making the right choice.

However recent studies have shown that soy milk can seriously harm the health of the organism and cause real chaos.

Here are the main reasons why you should avoid soy milk intake right now.

But it’s one of the best crops and pesticides and GMO is 99 per cent.

Research have shown that soy consumption meets the vitamin D and B12 requirements.

Soy contains a compound similar to B12 but because it can not be absorbed by the body, it induces deficiency of vitamin B12.

Soybeans contain a material that can lead to clots known as hemagglutinin that also lead to red blood cells clumping in.

Production of soy protein isolate and textured soy protein from delicate soy proteins has required high temperatures that can have a serious health effect.

Soy is rich in toxic isoflavones which support breast cancer growth.

Soy and soy products are rich in phytic acid that inhibits magnesium, copper, iron, calcium and zinc digestion.

In addition, soybeans contain phytoestrogens, plant estrogen that obstructs endocrine system function and has been associated with breast cancer and male infertility.

Don't Eat Soy Products

Soy foods are high in toxic aluminium and even affect the nervous system and the kidneys.

Soybeans often contain antinutrients that are known contaminants and that adversely affect the menstrual cycle.

About all of this, we strongly advise you to avoid eating soy and soy products because they can have negative health consequences and can cause serious health conditions.

This is Why You Should Not Eat Soy Products or Consume Soy Milk.

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