Eat Salt And Sugar Mixture Before Going To Bed

Eat Salt And Sugar Mixture

Before going to bed, Eat salt and sugar Mixture and the result is incredible.

When you lay in bed, when you first try a combination of salt and sugar it is very likely that you would quickly develop it into a habit.

Consuming a mixture of salt and sugar helps alleviate sleeplessness and insomnia, improve immunity, boost energy levels and increase serotonin and electrolyte levels.

Salt Like sugar is not recommended in greater amounts due to potentially adverse health effects, but this does not mean that particularly when it comes to their combination, there is no positive side. The combination of sweet and salty particularly when it comes to stress hormone helps in balance and optimal functioning.

Sugar functions as a cell battery, since glucose in the mitochondria, provides a stable energy supply. Salt sodium allows for proper cell respiration and the creation of energy. Furthermore, both substances are important dietary tools for controlling stress.

Sugar sends a signal to stop the production of a stressed hormone that affects your metabolism and makes you wake up at night, as well as being critical in maintaining homeostatic conditions where adrenaline can not be released without regulation.

Therefore if you are among those who often wake up at night, particularly between two and four in the morning, feeling that the adrenaline is pumping through the body and sleep prevention. The sugar/salt combination can be a solution for you.

Eat Salt And Sugar Mixture


Safe to use raw brown sugar and unrefined sea salt. When you can’t get ordinary salt and sugar.

Stir 5 teaspoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt and place into a pot. Take a tiny piece of the mixture with your finger before going to bed or at night and put it under your tongue, let it melt slowly and let it work.

You will get amazing sleep if you eat salt and sugar mixture before going to bed.

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