Facts About Planet Earth

Facts About Planet Earth

The World is a 5-billion-year-old Carbon, Oxygen, Silicon, house for 7.2 Billion people. Springing over 67,000 mph in the field with magnesium and other trace elements. Planet is a little bit like an Incredible place to be, some of the planet’s most shocking reality. Here are Some of the Amazing Facts About Planet Earth

The earth was purple. Land appears mostly green from the space on the surface of the earth. But it’s a matter of fact. It was meant to be purple millions of years ago. Plants are now using a so-called green pigment
To absorb the rays of the sun, the chlorophyll gives it a green look. But work reveals that chlorophyll did not last forever, originally used to use a simple molecule in early life on Earth’s plants to absorb sunlight. It was called Retinal, and instead of a green, it gave a purple colour.

This indicates that at one point on earth, all photosynthesizing plants were purple. But certainly not green is the primary color on Earth’s surface. When our planet was seen by the first astronauts who came into space, they named it “the blue earth.” This isn’t shocking, considering that the surface of the earth is 71% water.

You would think with all this water that we will learn more about the underwater environment, but 95% of the world on earth is still unexplored. That’s a great testimony to how astonishingly vast the oceans really are.
Freshwater is only 3 percent on Earth. The other 97% is salted water. Moreover, 2 percent of the 3 percent freshwater is trapped in glaciers and ice sheets. This means that freshwater is present in lakes, rivers, and underground on the Planet less than 1 percent.

The earth consists of three separate layers, the height, the mantle, and the crown, It is like an Onion. The core mainly includes molten iron sprinkling on a 6,100-degree cell that makes it as hot as the surface of the sun. The very middle of the earth’s core is solid iron, despite this intense heat, because of the immense pressure positioned on the core from the other’s weight of the rest of the Earth.

There is only one mountain range across the world. Known as the system of the mid-surface ocean. The whole Earth’s oceans contain an incredible collection of underwater volcanoes. It has been formed by basalt lava eruptions between the tectonic plates of the planet. The mid-ocean ridge system is 60,000 kilometers long.  The Earth ‘s biggest geological feature. The closest contender over the earth is the South American Andes mountain range, which is roughly 7,200 kilometers compared to the underwater giant. Earth is our only planet not named after a mythical God, in our solar system.

And eventually, Earth is very, very small in the interstellar scope. When you compare it with the planet Jupiter, for example, Earth would fit 1,321 times within Jupiter. And if you think it’s amazing, nothing can make you feel more like a microscopic dot, in the vast nothingness of space than that. But don’t go downbeat, Earth is unique and very different. Earth is the only world we know which has given birth to life.
It has ideal weather, ideal temperature, and the Sun’s proximity, water, and a magnetic field that protects us from the violent radiation of the Sun, along with many other factors that matter.

These are Some of The Incredible Facts About Planet Earth

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