Friendship Day: What Is It And Why Do We Celebrate It?

Friendship Day

We enjoy the Friendship Day every year on the first Sunday of August. Friendship Day is the day we commemorate a special friendly relationship in our lives.

Why and when is the Day of Friendship Celebrated?

Joyce Hall in 1930 introduced the idea of a day of friend ship to a businessman who created a Hallmark card where people celebrate with friends one day and give one another some Gifts. The day of the celebration was selected on August 2. Later on, people discovered it was a commercial program and in the 1940s, the holiday soon died.

The date is uncertain, but many European and Asian countries have started celebrating the day of friendship and have embraced the traditions in their countries.

In his dinner with friends in Paraguay, on July 20, 1958, Dr. Ramon Artemio Brach proposed a day of friend ship, which led to the creation of the World Friendship Crusade. This was followed by an eventual meeting. The Crusade promotes a sense of friendship, unity, and fellowship regardless of religion, race, color, caste, and belief.

The Crusade of World Friend ship persuaded the UN to recognize July 30 as the World Friendship Day. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, has announced that Winnie the Pooh as the Friendship Ambassador.

World Friendship Day will be observed on 30 July by the United Nations. And several countries such as India, on the first Sunday in August Friend ship Day is celebrated.

How is Friendship Day celebrated?

The principles for celebrating Friendship Day are not set. The beauty of all friendships is that everyone is uniquely unique, whether it’s tried, tested or new and prospering. This gives you and your best friends, of course, an clean slate to do anything you want to do, to keep them fit and to respect your memories together.

Friendship Day

Taking a trip together is a perfect way to celebrate day with each other. If you meet on the beach or the scene of your most popular memories, you might visit places that mean something to you. Or, one place where you promised yourself that you will always be together for life.

Nonetheless, not everyone can schedule an productive day with so many people who lead such busy lives. Yet Friendship Day is such a great opportunity. Best friends realize that life is always standing in the way, and if there are no massive celebrations in their name they won’t be disappointed. However, maybe next year?

It’s equally quick to celebrate Friendship’s Day in school. Students can write essays as to what friendships they mean and why their friends consider themselves as their best friend. Likewise, painting, poetry and other forms are ways for children to think about friendship.

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