Garlic in Polish Nail Is Effective For Nail Growth

Garlic in Polish Nail Is Effective

Adding garlic to your clear nail polish will strengthen dry brittle nails and help them grow too. It said Dominican women have the most stunning, longest and strongest nails you’ll ever see and they always reply garlic when they’re asked. Okay, thank you, Dominican ladies, for letting us in on your amazing little secret, as garlic works great for your nails.

Garlic in Polish Nail Yes it does. Garlic is a natural antiseptic and sometimes we can use garlic to get rid of a cold.

Cold and flu with Garlic

Because garlic gets rid of the bacteria and the fungus.

Our hands and nails regularly come into contact with all sorts of dirt and germs on a regular basis and even though you do wash your hands the dirt and bacteria will still hide deep under the nails all the dirt the gets stuck there will produce an infection that is actually invisible but that is what makes your nails so brittle. Garlic will also help fight this infection so that your nails will actually be clean, solid and long.

How to use garlic

Crush garlic with the back of a knife.

Add the crushed garlic to a bottle of Clear Nail polish, Base or top coat.

Let the garlic sit in warm, dark position for 7-10 days.

Shake every now and then.

You can go ahead after 7- days and use your Polish as much as you want. The more often you use it the quicker the nails will start to heal themselves.

Use it as coat base or topcoat, or both.

Garlic in Polish Nail Is Effective
Garlic in Polish Nail Is Effective

Did you not know that garlic will make our nails stronger too?

Yes, it is. Get a garlic clove, Cut it and rub the nails or the toenails. Let it stay for 5 minutes before washing your feet and hands. I can guarantee that this is so successful particularly for all women who want long growth of their nails.

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