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Handmade Business

I often see people asking “What sell well on Etsy?” This is the wrong way to go about it, in my opinion! You want to stand out and make quality products you love, instead of copying what’s popular and cranking out items in the hope that they’ll sell. Here is how you can make money online with Handmade Business.
‘Plus, if you’re trying to jump on the “popular” train, you’ll likely to end up in a sea of reseller listings – meaning you have less chance to get your products seen or sold.

When starting a handmade business the best case scenario is to have a product (or a few!) you’re passionate about. Focus on finding out what you love to produce and work from there!
Once you’re settled on a product it’s time to do some research on the market.
One of the big steps to open a store is to have a look at your competition and ask yourself some tough questions. Etsy and Amazon are one of the best sites to sell handmade products!

How is the market for your product?

Start searching around and looking at other stores that sell similar items to yours. Seek to find shops with a good number of sales and feedback (at least 100 +!) so you can concentrate on what other sellers doing right. Main issues to focus on include:

  • Pricing – How are they pricing their products? Compare a few shops to get better idea-some sellers to tend to price low in an effort to sell more, while others price to make a profit. This is the way you can make money online.
  • Photos – How are they photographing their products? Is there a theme to their shop? Do they have a specified “brand”?
  • Listing Descriptions – How detailed are their descriptions? Are the products sold as-is or are they customizable?
  • Reviews – These will help you see what the seller is selling ACTUALLY, and how those products are being received by the customers. A seller may have hundreds of items in their store but only sell a few of them. These few items are GOLDEN-they will give you an idea of what customers are really looking for.
  • Variety of products – Does the seller offer a wide variety of products? Is there anything missing that you could easily produce?

While market research can be a bit tedious, learning more about your competition is important. Knowing what works well for other sellers will make it much easier to set up your own shop and help you to avoid problems you might run into if you try to wing the whole thing.

Naming Your Business

It’s time to pick a name for your company after you’ve done some market research and confirmed the items you’d like to sell!
There are no hard and set rules for naming, but here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure the name is easy to spell AND say. You want customers to be able to quickly find you online!
  2. Search, and make sure the name isn’t taken by someone.
  3. Once you have picked a name you love, make sure you have it registered on social media and the marketplaces you want to sell on. You want your name on every platform to be the same so that consumers can find you easily.
Handmade Business

Honestly, this is one of the most important things to do if you think you’ve settled on a name. It would be a shame of  Choosing a name already taken and running into legal trouble down the road if your shop takes off!

Marketing Yourself

It may seem a little early to do this but I found that it’s really important for your buyers to get to know you and your process. Many online shops allow you to write a short biography or link to other social media. This is the best way to make money online with Handmade Business.
The key question that you want to answer is: Why should someone buy from you?
It’s SO important to stand out for one reason or another in a sea of other sellers.

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