Heart Shape Island In Fiji

Heart Shape Island In Fiji

The island is called Tavarua and is situated in Fiji. This one the game ‘deserted island’ is powerful. Let’s talk about this adorable Heart Shape Island In Fiji.

And of course, it’s not empty so you couldn’t waste a lot of an afternoon lazing around on its gorgeous sandy beaches or maybe even venturing out for a surfing spot … if, of course, you’re in that sorta. As for me, you are probably going to find my flat out on the sand, armed with several drinks on my way there, either tipsy or well.

How to get there? In three simple steps: Fly into Fiji. Hope on an airport bus to the boat terminal. From ‘mainland’ take a trip to Tavarua Island.
You actually don’t have to remember all of this stuff because the resort on the island will help you arrange all of this anyway, but it’s kind of good to know it’s upfront?

What kind of people will you see there? You know, some who’ve been up for a swim at the dawn break, surfing for a couple of hours and a skydive when you are already barely awake in your bed and trying to put together how many of those drinks you’ve had last night wondering why you’re not really hungover (the trick here is to feed loads of food. For what it’s worth, once you go out of bed, you load up with things you want to do every hour of the day.
Parents, Young and old alike. There is something for everyone here and you can find something to do whatever the age group is.
Touring mates. How do you have a bubbly personality if you can get oodles of like-minded passengers?

Heart Shape Island In Fiji

This is Tavarua Island in Fiji, five miles by boat from Viti Levu main island. This covers 29 acres and is protected by a coral reef. Although the internet might know it as the heart-shaped island, for the world-class waves it makes, Tavarua is a long-time favourite spot for surfers who fly to its unique coastline. The island was totally uninhabited as early as the 1970s, until a California teacher, Dave Clark, came to the island in 1982 after a tip-off about some unbelievable-looking waves. Clark spent two months camping and surfing on Tavarua with his cousin before he knew that he would never leave their heart-shaped island.

Where to stay? Okay, there’s only one place to stay on the island and that’s the Tavarua Island Resort that’s the right name.

This what you need to know about this Heart Shape Island In Fiji

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