Himalaya Pilex Tablet Benefits

Himalaya Pilex Tablet Benefits

Himalaya Herbal Pilex Tablets are useful for internal or external hemorrhoids that are bleeding or non-bleeding piles. Here are some Himalaya Pilex Tablet Benefits.

Ingredients are made of Guggulu ( Commiphora wightii) – 26 mg, Purified Shilajit – 32 mg, Neem seeds ( Azadirachta indica) – 14 mg, Daruhaldi ( Daruharida) – Berberis Aristata – 64 mg, Amla ( Amlaki or Indian gooseberry ) – Emblica officinails – 32 mg, Haritaki – Terminalia Chebula – 32 mg, Bibhitaki – Terminalia Bellirica – 32 mg, Nagkesar – Mesua Ferrea – 6 mg.  Made of a rich range of natural and herbal ingredients.

Himalaya Herbal Pilex Tablet Health Benefits:

Bleeding piles, No – bleeding piles, internal and external hemorrhoids, varicose veins, anal discomfort, chronic constipation, anesthesia, nausea, etc.

Himalaya Pilex Tablets Information:

Tablets of the Himalaya Pilex are ayurvedic and herbal medicines. It can be taken by mouth in the form of a tablet. Tablet is referred to as Vatika. They are manufactured by reducing to a thick density the decoction of vegetable substances and after that they pour some powders into the pill mass often by adding honey. Himalaya Pilex  Tablets are used for the diagnosis of hemorrhoids (piles). The diseases associated with piles such as pain, itchiness, rectal bleeding and chronic constipation are also suggested. Pilex Tablets are both an analgesic (pain relief agents) and antimicrobial agent.

Lajjalu and yashad bhasma are the key elements of the Himalayan Pilex tablets. Both of them has health benefits:

Himalaya Pilex Tablet Benefits

Lajjalu is also regarded as a sensitive plant. Mimosa pudica is the botanical name of lajjalu and belongs to the Leguminosae family. This plant is widely used for Treating piles, injury and diarrhea diagnosis.

Zinc calx is also known as yashad bhasma. Yashad bhasma is an Ayurvedic medicine used in zinc, damage, and diarrhea deficiency. Yashad bhasma serves also as an antiacid (acid reduction in agents), immunomodulator (improves immunity), anti-inflammatory, antipyretic (body’s temperature suppression agents), and hematogenic (helping in the production of blood).

Nevertheless, patients with this drug have not reported any side effects of Himalaya Pilex Tablets. Your doctor will be conscious of this ayurvedic medication and take the dose according to the doctor’s prescription.

These are some benefits of the Himalaya Pilex tablet.

How to use: 1 to 2 tablets 2 to 3 times a day, after meals or as a doctor advice.
It is better If the medicine is taken with warm water

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