How Do Podcasts Make Money?

How Do Podcasts Make Money?

Advertising: The history of podcast ads is short since the format didn’t exist for a long time. I don’t know Who did it first or how they found their brand or show, but in 2018 brands spent $479 million in podcast space, up 53 percent from 2017. It’s predicted that in 2021, the industry will reach $1 billion, but I don’t know we’ll even have to wait that long. If you run a podcast with a dedicated and active audience, there’s probably a brand willing to spend money on reach your listeners. Let’s see How Do Podcasts Make Money?

Subscriptions: In recent years, podcast subscriptions have appeared in a variety of different ways but are by no means new.   It’s a simple enough concept – if you put your podcast behind a paywall, you’re typically transitioning from a free, ad-supported podcast to a subscription-based service. Examples include Stitcher Premium, Luminary, and Brew, as well as some not-quite-but-almost podcast options like Audible or Serial Box. You could even count Spotify in this camp.

Premium content: The premium content wellspring toes the line between ad-supported and subscription models. Using platforms such as Patreon, Glow, and Supporting Cast, podcasters can offer premium content for a regular, monthly fee to their most rabid listeners, but also allow for a free listening tier that attracts more listeners to the premium content. This helps a lot of podcasters to secure a healthy base pay without depending on advertising revenue.

How Do Podcasts Make Money?

Conferences and events: If your podcast can command a real-life audience, events are a fantastic way to create some extra income and help build community. There are few podcasts in the larger scheme of things that have the resources and audience to pull off a proper live event, but if your show lends itself to the stage, then there is a real chance.

Cross-media: Podcast space has become a ripe arena for developing intellectual property that can be transformed into television, movies, books, blogs, and more. Production companies in Hollywood are increasingly seeing podcasts as inexpensive vehicles for testing storylines and building fan bases before pumping larger amounts of capital into growth. The same goes for book publishers, TV producers, editors, and more.

This is How Podcasts Make Money Online

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