How To Apply Perfume To Make It Last Longer

How To Apply Perfume

The “pulse points” are areas where the blood vessels are nearest to the skin. These spots emanate heat, which can allow fragrance to float out into the air from your skin. Apply the perfume to these points — the inner wrists, the base of the neck, the lobes of the ears, the cleavage, the thighs, and the elbows within. This will respond with your body heat when you wear your perfume during the day, and continue to emit fragrance.

Some aren’t going to last that long due to their dimension depending on the form of a perfume. For starters, citrus colognes which will have a very low lasting power in fresh and lemonic notes. However, musky, oriental, rose, leather and woody perfumes are formulated in a longer lasting form. Then, there is the perfume concentration. EDP will last longer than an EDT, and an extract or perfume will last longer than an EDP. So, the first step is picking the perfume well.

The longest-lasting perfumes are generally the most expensive. These are fragrance extract or pure perfume. These typically contain a concentration of 20–30 percent of perfume, have less alcohol content, and the fragrance can last 6–8 hours or better. Sadly, most of these perfumes are out of our buying range.

Moisturize first – Fragrances last longer when applied to oily complexions, so make sure that your skin gets primed and moisturized before you apply it in.

Know where to spray – If you apply your perfume to warmer body areas, it will be more intense and will be more fragrant. In particular, apply it to your pulse points – where the blood vessels are on your skin’s surface (your hands, elbows, arms, neck, knee back, ankles and calves)

Apply Vaseline To Your Pressure Points – As we said, if you apply it to sticky, moist skin, perfume can last a lot longer. And we like to apply some Vaseline on our pulse points because it helps lock in the scent.

Apply Your Perfume After You Shower – If you apply your perfume to your body while it is still moist, the moisture will lock in the scent so that it can last much longer – plus you will not cover any of your clothes with spray marks!

Store your fragrance in a cool dark spot – If you keep your fragrance bottles warm and humid, the heat will destroy the molecular structure and degrade the fragrance quality. So make sure they’re not in the bathroom or directly in the light. Instead, keep them in a cool dark place securely in the box.

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