Kesh Kanti Oil Benefits

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Oil is an Ayurvedic Hair Oil which helps to strengthen hair roots and to reduce hair fall, polishing, and prevents split ends and graying. Kesh Kanti Oil Patanjali is one of Patanjali’s best-sellers. The oil prevents hair loss by enhancing hair roots. The natural oil plants reduce the sensitivity of your scalp and fight fungal infections. Hair Oil makes the hair smooth and silky. This even feeds the hair deeply and stops graying early. Here are some Kesh Kanti Hair Oil Benefits.

Ingredients: Patanjali Hair Oil is made of rich natural and herbal collection.

  • Ghrit kumari.
  • Oil sprout barley.
  • Oil of sunflower. bhringraj.
  • Gudhul.
  • Brahmi.
  • Amla.
  • Mehendi.
  • Neem leaf.
  • Baheda.
  • Harar.
  • Giloy.
  • Jatamansi.
  • Nagkesar, Haldi.
  • Bakuchi.
  • Gurhal pusp.
  • Charela.
  • Yashti Madhu, Anantmool  .
  • Rasaut.
  • vacha.
  • Oil from cocoa.
  • Til oil.
Kesh Kanti Oil Benefits

Health benefits: The health and medicinal qualities of Patanjali hair oil are numerous. This hydrates a dry scalp, but it doesn’t work that well on frizzy hair. In fact it is also very relaxing and allows you to sleep better. The smell is gentle and calming so that stresses and tension are relieved. Good for.

  • Reduces dryness and lightness of the hair.
  • Strengthens the roots of hair.
  • Cut down hair fall, dandruff.
  • Prevents splitting and greying. 
  • Hair development regenerates.
  • Makes your hair powerful and healthy.

These are some amazing Kesh Kanti Hair Oil Benefits

How to use:

  • During the nights or before bed, take the necessary quantity and gently massage on hair and scalp.
  • Just leave overnight.
  • Wash in  morning.

Review: Many users were satisfied that such a decent amount of oil is available at a fair price. The oil is perfect for dry skin and hydrates the scalp. This is also safe for hair and eliminates scalp. However, dry and frizzy hair is not controlled.

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