Labels On Fruits Mean Something

Labels On Fruits

Once we go any further with deciphering the codes on these labels, let’s take a moment to examine the labels themselves. The stickers themselves are something of a mystery. Are they bad towards you? Is there a more convenient way to take them off your produce? Let’s work it out. What do labels on fruits mean?

The numerical codes printed on those sticky little fruit and vegetable labels will show us, consumers, a lot of information. You should look at the little label (also known as PLU, or “quality lookup” label) until you understand the codes and know whether the product you are about to purchase or consume has been treated with pesticides, either genetically modified or not.

Grist points out that those PLU stickers may be made of plastic, paper or even vinyl, depending on their maker. Grist also points out that you shouldn’t put those labels in the bin with the rest of your fruit and vegetable peelings if you compost.

Four digits, beginning with a 3 or a 4

If your fruit or vegetable has been produced using conventional farming techniques, you will find a four-digit code starting with a three or a four.

Five digits, beginning with an 8

A five-digit code that begins at an eight indicates the object is genetically modified. According to Market Surveys, you’re unlikely to see this at your grocery store since commonly marketed genetically modified crops are corn, soybean, canola, cotton, papaya and squash varieties. And don’t you mind the orange or bunch of broccoli. However, it is not compulsory to mark the product as genetically modified.

Labels On Fruits

Five digits, beginning with a 9

A five-digit code that begins with nine indicates that you are about to buy organic produce.

How to Say What is Organic Produce?

Five-digit codes beginning with a 9 indicate that the fruit is grown according to organic requirements in the USDA. It’s more expensive, but there’s a reason why: there are many criteria for the USDA National Organic Program that farmers must meet to have their food labeled “clean.”

These are The Labels On Fruits meanings.

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