Make Money As a Freelance Writer

Make Money As a Freelance Writer

You can earn a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars every month working as a freelance writer. Today, we’ll talk about How to Make Money As a Freelance Writer. Several students have created very successful careers as freelance writers. And here’s how?

Think of all the written materials put out by even a tiny company.
Imagine a software company with 5 employees. Their annual report doesn’t write itself. In order to keep up with the content marketing war, they need a blog. The sales team sends out sales letters and brochures to prospects.

Every day, there are thousands of individuals searching for freelance writers.

Here I’ll show you how to get your first 3 writing clients.

Let’s talk about what you need to become a freelance writer.
Do you need credentials?

Get your first client

Step 1: Find freelance clients.

Step 2: Communicate with your client’s

Exact scripts to use.

Do you have the credentials to become a freelance writer? Only two types of people will ask you: “What are your credentials?”

Person 1: Someone who is skeptical of your ability, so they ask for this as a prelude to condescendingly laughing at you.

Person 2: You do it to yourself! How many times have you talked yourself out of applying for an opportunity because you didn’t have the right experience or credentials?

If you think the only ways to land a freelance writing job are experience and credentials, you’re missing out on the whole world of people who are just sidestepping you.

The fact is, to get ahead, we do not need magical credentials. Yeah, experience matters and credentials really matter in certain roles.

But we all know individuals who delay their goals until they have “all their ducks in a row,” maybe $100K of grad school, perhaps some worthless credential, maybe some mysterious person they hope will appear in their lives and declare them “great,” only to find out that nobody really cares.

The reality is: we don’t have to wait for years, praying and hoping for our boss to grace us. I’m going to show you the exact, step-by-step process to do it NOW.

Your first goal: Get 3 writing clients   

  • Don’t start a blog.  
  • Don’t start “social media marketing”.
  • Don’t start SEO.

Complex marketing strategies such as SEO, blogging, and viral marketing appear both simple and discreet when they are often an excuse for you to avoid the hard work of seeking real customers who are going to pay you for your services. Do you know how long “SEO” takes to work? This is how you can Make Money As a Freelance Writer.

Stop building complex marketing strategies for consumers you don’t have. Your first target is to get 3 clients. To do that, do you really need a blog?
And note that I said 3 clients, not just 1 – that could be a fluke. Get  3. Once you have 3 clients, you’ve proven that you have a reliable base of people who will pay you for your services. You can test service offerings and prices on them.

And you can begin with more complex marketing strategies now.
Remember: Skip all the fanciness and get 3 people to pay you first.
Getting your first client is a 2-step process that I call Locate and Communicate.

Step 1: Locate freelancing clients 

Who is your exact client, and where do they go to find a solution to their problems? Where are individuals already searching for solutions to problems and how can you make a match between them and your service?

Find a very specific lead in your very specific target market and figure out where they go to search for a solution to their needs.

Make Money As a Freelance Writer

This is how you’re going to find them:

The first step is to niche down your market. Do not try to find any business that might need writing services, such as reports, copywriting, websites, emails, etc. NICHE IT DOWN. By location, size, revenue, company type, and so many more options.

Next, find out where they go to find writers. Get in their heads.
Research your audience. Email a few people. Take them out for lunch.
Could you pitch one potential client each morning? If you created an email template, you probably could. How about 10 over the week, playing with various headlines / offers so that you can see which ones work better?
It doesn’t have to take a long time, and it doesn’t have to be agonizing, which takes us to step 2.

Step 2: Communicate with your clients

Your most important communication tool for pitching clients will be email. All the time, freelance writers pitch me via email. The problem is, these emails are typically way too long and do not have a clear point.
Exact scripts to get your freelance writing business started
Putting together 5 best word-for-word scripts for locating and communicating with potential writing clients.

You can copy, paste, and modify these in just a few minutes to send to prospective clients or other freelance writers. these are some easy ways to Make Money As a Freelance Writer

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