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Working as a web designer is a rewarding career but earning money is the ultimate reason for working in any field. While some Web designers earn more than six figures a year, the average wage is around $40,000 a year. Designers must know how to run a business to be able to earn top dollars in this industry. There are a number of Web designers out there who are incredible at their job, but not talented at running a business. In order to be successful, Designers have to know how to find clients, keep them, and expand their business. Here is how you can Make Money as a Web Designer.

Reach out to New Clients –

Getting a constant stream of existing clients is a fantastic way to earn a basic income, but that’s not enough. If you currently depending on one or 2 big accounts to make your income, you need to rethink your strategy. Having multiple clients will give you a more stable income. After all, if one client stops asking for work, you’ll still have other projects available. It can be as easy to find clients as networking with local businesses or joining freelance websites. Also, direct mailing coupons to local businesses can bring in new customers.

Consider Selling Stock Graphics –

Stock graphics and templates are always needed by websites. While a small business owner may not be able to afford a professional Web design, they can afford the few dollars it takes to buy stock graphics. In addition to bringing in additional money, stock graphics can be continuously resold. You do the work once, and it continues to bring in the profits.

Create a Blog –

It takes time to go after the clients. Although you should be searching for leads and potential clients, it is always better to have those clients just come to you. Creating a blog about Web design, running a business or your own niche will help attract the clients that you need. Once the blog is created, the articles will continue to attract clients. You get cheap, easy advertising and a simple way of finding clients who want your specific skill set.

Be an all-in-one solution –

People shop at big box stores because they can get all in one trip. Although the store does not have the best options or even the cheapest prices, it does have all the average consumer needs. Even if you may want to have specializations and high-end options, you can make extra money by being an all in one solution. Instead of just creating a website, You can provide services such as hosting, blogging, code websites, and SEO options. Your clients will enjoy the convenience of fulfilling all their needs at once and you’ll make more money.

Work with a Developer-

Some Web developers are experts at design, but there are still a lot of people out there who need help with actually designing the website. Combine your skills and network with one or more developers. You can offer customers a more in-depth service and reach out to more people by working with someone else. 
Designing a website is just one talent that web designers need to succeed. Beyond just working on a website, the designer must be able to network with other people in their field and reach out to new clients. By building a strong client base, designers can ensure a higher, more stable level of income.

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