Make Money As An Online Advertisement Specialist

Online Advertisement Specialist

Knowing the product is the first step in making money with advertising. Are you going to create a product, sell someone else’s, display ads, etc. Getting a good understanding of your product will make sure that you are focusing on the right path for making money.

Next, you’ll need to figure out how to get the product in front of people. Will you pay for advertisements, have affiliates, or you chase organic traffic?

Let’s take a look at the best strategy to make money from online ads. Here is How to Make Money As An Online Advertisement Specialist.

Display advertising with ad networks

Ad networks are one of the best ways to make money advertising online. Simply display an ad on your website and get paid when someone clicks or sees an ad.
Ad networks provide the code you copy and paste onto your website. In reality, ad networks find companies willing to advertise and manage money. What you need to think about is creating amazing content that draws people in.

With Google Adsense, most blogging beginners start making money. Eventually, once they fulfill the joining criteria, bloggers will move on to higher-paying ad networks like Mediavine or Adthrive.

RPC (Revenue Per Click) vs RPM (Revenue Per Mille)

You’ll be paid on the basis of clicks or views while operating through an ad network. Usually, you’re paid through a combination of both.
As an advertiser, I can create an ad and choose to be billed when someone clicks my ad (Cost Per Click, CPC). I can also choose to be billed per thousand ad views (Cost Per Mille, CPM).

As a content creator, You earn money based on when someone clicks an ad (Revenue Per Click). You’ll also earn money depending on how many people see an ad displayed on your site. If you have an RPM of $15, then you are earning $15 per thousand views.

Online Advertisement Specialist

How much can you make from Google Adsense?

In general, Google Adsense pays publishers $5 to 10 per thousand views. A website with 10,000 pageviews a month should earn between $50 and $100.
Keep in mind, every niche will attract different types of advertisers. For example, a  highly competitive niche, such as fitness, could gain more in ad revenue than a bird-watching website. Therefore, it can be difficult to determine how much money you’ll make from Google ads.

Is Google Adsense free?  

For publishers, Google Adsense is free to use. However, Google does require you to apply for an Adsense account and identify which properties will display ads. To ensure that criteria are met, such as a Terms & Conditions page, Privacy Policy, quality content, etc.

These are some ways to Make Money As An Online Advertisement Specialist.

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