Make Money As Ebook Writer

Make Money As Ebook Writer

Ebooks are online books. But in a format where it’s possible to deliver or download them online. You can write them yourself, employ writers, use content from the public domain and create your ebooks from a variety of sources. And it can cover just about every topic — just as many, if not more, than what a conventional publisher might release because you can tailor your tomes to niche markets. Travel guides, how-to books, mystery, suspense, science fiction, self-help, technology, religions. As long as there is a demand for ready buyers, just about every topic is fair game. Here is how to make money as an ebook writer.

Starting a business on Ebook — Where You Sell

As an ebook publisher, you’ve got several options to sell your works.

You can set up your own website, and directly sell your ebook online. For example, you may be making a PDF available to your readers. A quick shopping cart or a connection to PayPal and you’re all set. A reader is visiting your website, they are ordering, and they get a link to download and get your book. It’s pretty much everything automated and you just keep an eye on things to make sure the site runs smoothly.

The advantage of this is that you control the whole process, get all the customer information (so you can promote additional products , services, or books), and can charge higher prices. You might find this surprising, but many ebooks sold directly on a website (especially if it’s about a focused topic) can sell for $40 or more which is twice what a traditional print book would sell for.

One of the best ways to sell ebooks is via a third-party website such as Amazon. In the past you may have purchased items from Amazon, including books. But that’s quite another side to this massive e-commerce site.

The main advantage of operating with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is their scope as they give you a fee on your sales. It is said that roughly 89 million Americans are active ebook readers. This is your target audience, all those people who visit this site and are looking for a new book. If you do a search on a related keyword, it might be your book they find. Currently, 38 per cent of Amazon’s average ebook sales go to self-published books.

Make Money As Ebook Writer

While you will not make as much money as you would directly sell on your own platform, you do have the potential to meet an audience you may otherwise not have access to.

The sale process for your Kindle ebook is straightforward. You register, then you upload your ebook. They are working to convert it to their proprietary format. Then, via, you are ready to sell and grow your business. This is how you can Make Money As Ebook Writer.

Take the next step in selling online ebooks

And now you understand why such a money-maker can be selling ebooks, it’s time to get started. Figure out what kind of ebook you ‘re going to sell, where you’re going to get the content and then where you’re going to sell it — and how you’re going to market it online.

It is a low-cost, low-risk business opportunity that has an enormous upside!

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