Never Say These Things To Children

never say these things to children

Parenting is an evolving task that requires great patience. No type of parenting is ideal but there is no poor parent too. You always aspire, as a parent, to give your child the best. However, in this lifelong process of balancing tasks, you through often propensity to falter. Whereas the mind of the child is too young to understand the trouble of the elder and can make a lifetime mark in his mind by a small word of yours. Here is why Never Say These Things To Children

Relax and take a breath deep! The problem isn’t just yours. The majority of parents across the globe are worried about parental problems.

To get over it, connect as much as you can with your kids. Always try to regulate your rage, and correctly choose your expressions. It is true it is said to be simpler than. Even more so when it comes to bringing a healthy boy, getting self-control is not impossible.

“Who taught you this?”

If you see your child engaging in a new (naughty) behaviour, you will wonder that from where did he learn it. Yet, don’t ask him, “Who taught you this?” It might motivate the child to become an escapee and accuse others.

Let your child come up with the idea of reasoning behind his acts; this will allow him to think about his acts and consider them. Never Say These Things To Children.

“Don’t be greedy”

It’s okay to have a sense of possessiveness. Everything isn’t intended to be shared or compromised. Telling your child constantly, “Don’t be greedy,” could make them believe they’re supposed to give up everything that they’re supposed to.

Instead, encourage your child to share, “Let your friend spare a while with your toy.” They’ll know that way it’s his toy and he’ll have the right to share it with his friends during play times.


The study has shown that an infant hears 80 per cent more ‘no’ than ‘yes’ from its early days. Agreed that most of his demands will not be met, but you must refrain from saying a ‘no’.

It corrodes the child’s trust in you and he begins to believe he deserves nothing.

Give him options instead, and let him decide for it. “Let’s go out when the rain stops and till then we can play, paint, create blocks or dance.

“You shouldn’t know that”

Never utter those words. The child may think you are ignoring his questions and may have recourse to unreliable and less credible sources for his questions.

Then tell your child not to be able to answer the questions. Just make sure you don’t leave his questions unanswered. Do your homework, and return with a valid response to your boy. Never let the confidence in your child wash you off. Never Say These Things To Children

“What a boy he is!”

never say these things to children

Contrast is another huge error to which parents fall victim. You might be tempted to equate your child to another, several times, but refrain. It is influencing the self-esteem of the kid.

Instead, motivate the boy, compliment him, let him know that he is good and that he could be better. Boost his faith with words like, “You are a beautiful boy, and I know that you can do better than this.”

Stop crying

Your child’s cries might annoy you and you may be tempted to say, “Don’t cry,” sometimes out of fear.

It is also necessary for children, like adults, to vent their emotions out. Don’t shy away from them. The child might start feeling it’s wrong to show feelings.

Instead, be with the kid while he is crying. When you can’t sit next to him, just let him be alone for a few seconds and then ask him why he cried. Engage him in discussions, and seek to figure out the explanation behind his tears.

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