Patanjali Mix Pulses Benefits

Patanjali Mix Pulses Benefits

Unpolished Patanjali Pulses are very nutrient and a great protein source. This is also effective in reducing the risk of infection as it contains no toxic polishing agents. Here are a few Patanjali Mix pulses benefits.

This Mix Dal is extremely nutritious and a big protein source. The natural taste, color, and nutrients are more tasteful as compared with their polished counterparts. Even, because of the lack of toxic polishing agents, it reduces the risk to health.

Ingredients: This pack is made from a rich natural herbal range of

  • Chana dal
  • Moong dal chilka
  • Masur dal chilka
  • Chilka Urad
  • Arhar dal

Health Benefits: There are many benefits of health. This provides you with essential minerals and vitamins. and important dietary fiber 

Usage of pulses in special diets

Pulses that play a role in many special diets due to their content in nutrients and other qualities:

Gluten-free dieting: If a person who has celiac disease consumes gluten (a protein present in wheat and other cereal grains), a small intestine immune reaction that may cause harm and poor intake of nutrients may develop. There is no gluten in pulses; thus, chickpeas, lentils, or peas can be used as an ingredient in recipes by people with celiac disease.

Diabetic diet: Lentils, peas, and beans will help people with diabetes control blood glucose. The pulses have a lower glycemic index relative to some other carbohydrate sources. Several research found that pulsing would cause blood glucose levels to be more stable after the meals.

Patanjali Mix Pulses Benefits

Vegetarian diet: pulses are good sources of protein, vitamins and minerals, making them vegetarian’s excellent food option. Eight essential amino acids are found there. Consumption of rice lentils supplies the full range of amino acids required for development. 

Diet for weight management: Consuming pulses will help to control weight. Pulses are rich in fiber and calcium, low in fat and moderate in calories for people who want to lose weight. One cup of cooked lentils or dry peas is recommended for adults for about half of daily nutrition. Foods that are higher in fiber tend to make people feel “fresh” or full after meals.

These are Some Amazing Patanjali Mix Pulses Benefits

Product Features :

  • Food Specifications: Low Fat/Fat-Free
  • Packaging size available: 1Kg
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: India

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