Patanjali Wheat Dalia Benefits

Patanjali Wheat Dalia Benefits

Patanjali Wheat Dalia is a proprietary product manufactured by Patanjali Ayurveda Limited. It is a good source of manganese and dietary fiber. Here are some Benefits for Patanjali Wheat Dalia.

Ingredients of Patanjali Wheat Dalia :

Refined wheat – Godhuma – Triticum aestivum – It improves strength, immunity, and nourishment.


  • It contains natural proteins, minerals , vitamins, and.
  • It is a good source of manganese and dietary fibre.
  • Patanjali Dalia passes through 22 mesh size sieves, making Patanjali Dalia more uniform in grain size, starchy and packed with essential fibre.
  • It helps full in constipation and plays a vital role in reducing body weight.

Health Benefits of eating Dalia every day:

Great for your muscles: Yes, the nutritious diet works well for muscle building. Dalia is a rich source of proteins and if you’re one of those looking to gain muscle mass, include Dalia in your diet. It is loaded with essential vitamins. Eat a Dalia bowl, and increase your protein intake.

Aids in Weight loss: Dalia contains a high fibre content. It gives you a feeling of fulness and you don’t indulge in over-eating. Include a bowl of Dalia in your morning meal. It will provide you with essential nutrients and will make you feel energetic all day long.

For diabetic patients: Dalia acts as a great healer for diabetics. It contains a low glycemic index and complex carbohydrate. This ensures a  slow and steady release of glucose into the blood. Dalia keeps your blood sugar levels under control – you consume fewer calories and manage your blood sugar levels.

Constipated? The solution lies in Dalia! Dalia’s fibre content helps with proper digestion and prevents constipation. It also enhances the consistency of stool which helps relieve constipation.

Patanjali Wheat Dalia Benefits

Increases metabolism: This wholesome food is perfect for improving metabolism. It is a whole wheat product that increases the metabolism rate.

Provides important nutrients: This food is a great source of magnesium by supplying essential nutrition to our body.

A good source of energy: This is a good energy source. Eat it after an intense workout and you’ll replenish your lost energy.
Good for muscles:

So, these are some amazing benefits of Patanjali Wheat Dalia.


Patanjali Ayurveda Limited.

Shelf Life:

Best before 4 months from manufacture date.

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