Reasons Why You’re Mosquitoes Magnet

Reasons Why You're Mosquitoes Magnet

Many interesting reasons why you’re a mosquitoes magnet.

In the afternoon barbecue or evening out, mosquitoes like near darker colours and infectious shades sit in the company and only mosquitoes will be among you. Although others enjoy, you are wondering why are only you just a mosquito magnet.

Blood type

Mosquitoes are more drawn to people and blood type than those of blood group A or B.

Pregnancy and Overweight

Basal metabolism reveals how much calories the body absorbs in idle condition. The attraction of mosquitoes is affected by the amount of CO2 the body exhales as the calories are consumed. Pregnant women and over-pounded individuals have higher basal metabolism.

The Color of Clothes

Darker, particularly black or dark blue clothes attract more mosquitoes than who wear light, more distinct than those in white or shimmer shades of clothing.


On hot summer evenings, mosquitoes love the scent of alcohol because those who drink are at greater risk of painful stings as they breathe easier.


It is more fascinating because you are standing out from the crowd and more readily noticed.


Some of us can not bear hot summer days and sweat more than others. Much like mosquitoes, Can spice the sweat to you instantly.

Reasons Why You're Mosquitoes Magnet


If you like cute perfumes you need to know that they are liked by mosquitoes too. The same goes for many other items, such as milk or body oil.

Forgetting to add repellant to body parts which are mosquito-friendly.
They draw mosquitoes to highly vascularized areas. Furthermore, “a lot of animals prefer the lower limbs.” Although it is important to spritz insect repellants on your arms and legs, don’t ignore your feet.

Mosquitoes may be attracted to your joints — like your knees or knuckles — but that’s not really valid. “Joints have multiple nerve endings,” which can make a knee bite even more painful and sensitive than an arm bite.

Here are some Reasons Why You’re Mosquitoes Magnet

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