Remove Tan From Hands and Feets

Remove Tan

Tannings is still a nagging concern for the skin, whether it be winter or summer. You can hide it in winter by wearing sleeves, but there’s no other choice in summer, but it should be removed and replaced as soon as it happens. Here is how to remove tan fast.

We are really worried about the tanning on our heads. But, we prefer to neglect our legs. Ok, don’t you think if the skin in your hand was as good as the skin in your neck, would you look even more beautiful? Don’t forget your hands.  Let us also pay equal attention to it so that all parts of our skin are beautiful and bronze-free.

Home Remedies To Remove Tan From Hands And Feets:

Process 1:

Add a pinch of turmeric or haldi to the chilled yogurt in a bowl. Blend well. Apply the paste on your hands, face and neck every day for 20 minutes before bathing. During  the winter time, you can wash it as it dries out quicker.

Process 2:

Take and cut a cucumber to 2 pieces. Now grate half cucumber in a bowl. Add 2 tbsp milk or condensed milk, and just a few drops of lemon juice. B lend well. Apply and allow it to stay until it dries. Wash with regular water.  Apply this every week to get the best results.

Process 3:

Almonds are nice to remove the tan from your hands, too. Take and grind 5-10 fresh and green almonds. With 5 drops of sandalwood oil, blend this paste. Add this paste  On the affected region. Buy and soak almonds overnight if fresh almonds are not available. Next morning, grind them and follow the same procedure you used with fresh almonds.

Process 4:

Take the crushed papaya pulp. Rub it on the tanned area. This also helps to cure the tanned skin.

Remove Tan

Process 5:

Cut a raw potato into half and rub in the affected areas with its moist, exposed flesh. Rinse it off, let it dry. See results every day.  

Process 6:

Use this good old aloe vera benefit. He’s a great healer of nature. It leads to sunburn and fades tan. You can use the sap directly on your skin from a broken leaf. Apply freely and use on a daily basis.

Some brands do sell pure Aloe Vera gel in packaging form these days. You should buy a tube and keep it handy for yourself. A little roses water and a gel can be combined and placed on the skin.

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