Silica Gel Packets and Surprising Ways To Use It

Silica Gel Packets

When you buy a pair of new shoes, a handbag, or dried seaweed, you will probably find the tiny silica gel packets labeled ‘DO NOT EAT’ inside them. Most of us throw them out, because after the shoes have been removed from the box, we assume they have no use. Nonetheless, you can certainly avoid throwing them away and solve a lot of daily problems when you read the various uses of these tiny bags filled with silica gel.

The Multiple Use of Silica Gel Bags

Dry out your cell phone – If you mistakenly dropped your phone in water, the battery and memory cards should be removed and place the phone in a bowl filled with silica gel packets. Leave it in the bags for a single night before charging the phone.

Prevents spices from clumping up – Kitchens are the home’s humidistat areas and this is not great for powdery ingredients such as spices, but even for sugar, because it allows them to clump up. You can still keep your spices in your kitchen cabinets without thinking about moisture though. Just surround the spice bottle with a silica pocket, since the silica will absorb the excess moisture and keep your spices fresh.

Keep your documents secure – To avoid harm to documents such as birth and marriage certificates, social security cards, etc. place a few silica gel bags in the envelope or box where the documents are stored.

Secure Decorations – Put a silica bag or two inside the bag or box where you store them to extend the quality and durability of the Decorations.

Prevent the camera from condensation – Taking images outside while the weather is cold will cause the lens or camera to crystallize until you place it in a warmer location. To solve this, remove the battery, memory card, and lens (if applicable) and put the camera in a container containing several silica bags that will absorb water.

Refresh workout bags – Put a few Silica packets in your gym bag for refreshment. In other words, the silica can absorb moisture and minimize bacteria chances and unpleasant odor.

Silica Gel Packets

Prevent condensation on windows – Place a few silica bags on the sills to absorb the excess moisture from them. That also applies to windshields.

Accelerate the drying of flowers – Many people use dried flowers for decorative purposes; however, the drying process may be too long and in many cases the flowers die before they actually dry out completely. Nevertheless, if you place the flowers in a plastic bag with a few silica gel bags you can speed up the drying.

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