Skin Care Routine For Teenager In 5 Minutes

Skin Care Routine For Teenager

It can be overwhelming becoming a teenager. You already have a lot on your mind — homework, college applications, social activities, and so on — and acne is probably one more thing you wish you hadn’t to think about. As a teen it is very natural for your skin to be everywhere. Acne is a common problem for teens due to the hormonal changes which come with puberty. Such hormonal shifts promote increased production of oil, which can then lead to obstructed pores, blackheads, whiteheads, and breakouts. Here are some Skin Care Routine For Teenager.


Smooth, fine-pored yet fragile skin that is especially sensitive to environmental and stress. It can vary from mild redness to tightness sensations right through to allergic reactions.
The skin also contains coarse flakes. So impurities like spots are less common.

Care tip: The skin must always be supplied with adequate moisture. The natural oil and moisture content of the skin in this type of skin is very low, since the output of the sebaceous gland is low. Using sensitive skin items without chemicals or perfume, for example NIVEA’s mild Sensitive Day Care.


Natural and oily areas of the skin on the face are normal in teenagers. Blemished, large-pored and oily skin primarily occurs in the T-zone, i.e. between the forehead, eyebrows, nose and chin. The skin is smooth in the T-zone and has small pores. The surface of the cheek is warm and close at times. A BB cream that covers impurities gently, while at the same time protecting your skin from the sun with SPF 10 is best here. Use a face cleanser that does not contain oil can also help manage skin outbreaks in certain teenagers.

Care tip: a day cream with plenty of moisture should be used as the skin appears to get dehydrated.


When you have dry skin, you probably have almost invisible pores and, due to a lack of skin hydration, you continue to feel dryness and tightness. You can also be susceptible to cracking, peeling, flaking, or itchiness, which in the colder seasons may get worse. Of those with dry skin, skin hydration should be the prime concern.

Care tip: Take the skin smooth and supple with moisturizer cream, hydrating serums, and hydrating face masks.


The face looks white, pale and has large pores. Spots and blackheads are scattered over the forehead, nose, mouth, upper chest region and back. The impurities are induced because the sebum output works flat out. Such skin conditions are triggered during puberty by hormonal changes.

Care tip: Don’t pinch spots – this can cause the spots to get inflamed, creating unsightly scars. Using products that are particularly good for impure skin, with ‘non-comedogenic’ formulations (this means they avoid the development of blackheads) that have anti-bacterial properties – like all NIVEA impure skin products. You can be sure these creams won’t be clogging the pores of your skin.

Eat a well-balanced diet

The sugary after-school snacks may want to be reconsidered. A high intake of sugar has negative effects on the skin because it causes inflammation which leads to increased production of oil. The Outcome? New breakouts, or exacerbated. Do your best to maintain a well-balanced, clear skin diet that consists of whole foods that nourish your body and skin.

Skin Care Routine For Teenager

Tips For Skin

  • Scrub the skin daily in the mornings and evenings. Meanwhile, you can clear the oily coating using a facial tissue. This allows you to remove excess sebum without adding stress on the skin.
  • Should not use hot water to cleanse the facials. It brings more oil into the sebaceous glands.
  • If you have impurities, leave the face wash in the cupboard-then, use an anti-spot drug-like NIVEA’s Anti-Blemish 3in1 Cleanser, which can also be used overnight as a form of acne treatment for individual spots.
  • The skin will get irritated constantly and bacteria will end up on the skin surface.
  • Play sports, and get plenty of fresh air exercise. It will allow the blood to circulate to your face, giving you a fresh complexion.

These are some Skin Care Routine For Teenager.

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