Strange Things In Different Countries

Strange Things In Different Countries

We are prone to developing customs and traditions around everything from the rituals of beauty to sex. One thing distinguishes man from others within the animal kingdom. In reality, people like this so much that since the dawn of humanity, the world has been enriched by thousands of cultures. Without a doubt, the code of etiquette is an important feature of almost every society. Here are 11 amazing worldwide customs. Here are Some Strange Things In Different Countries.

Kissing in French – Almost all cultures have unique greeting rituals. The practice of the kiss of close relatives and new acquaintances as a type of greeting is shared among Latin American culture, Romance culture, and society. But, with the many nuances involved in their kissing rituals, the French seem to be taking it to a whole new level. For one thing, there are different rules for men and women. Second, to complete the greeting transition from region to region, the number of kisses required. In addition, French people will welcome everyone at a party or meeting on arrival, whether they know the attendants or not.

Tipping in the United States – The diverse tipping society of the U.S. is also a fascinating practice. In most restaurants in the USA, it’s very compulsory to tip unlike many other countries that don’t really tip or that only tip in small amounts when the food was really good. Indeed, employers are expected to leave 10 to 20% of the bill in advance. Wait workers rely on this free living as the legal wages are low for waiters. In addition, there are rules for bartenders, vendors, and other service workers. this is one of the Strange Things In Different Countries

Nicaragua’s lips pointing – While hand movements are frequently subject to traditional cultural differences, few can say that this is a phenomenon that applies to mouth distortions. In Nicaragua, lips rather than the thumb or index finger are usually referred to like most of the world. Just wondering how a person with his lips points? It all starts with the pucker. Once a Nica has its duck face on, she can direct her lips too or from side to side to show what she wants. The lip point is generally used to indicate something happening nearby in conversation.

Weddings in Greece-Spitting on the Bride – The 2002 film, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, popularized this practice. Spitting in Greek cultures is a kind of charm of good luck to make the devil stay. Today, the tradition does not usually include guests hocking on the newlywed bride. Instead, the guests’ use of the word “ftou ftou” has developed into a more symbolic act. The Greeks also do so on other special occasions, including baptisms, in order to recognize the beauty and good health of the kid. Spitting may be performed in daily conversations as also a superstitious move against evil.

Strange Things In Different Countries

Japan’s Slurp – Most organizations worldwide have table etiquette laws. Noisy food is regarded as rude for Western cultures. But slurping sounds have a very different meaning in Japan when eating. This may be that noodles are properly eaten in western countries by rotating them on a spoon until they’re inserted into the mouth. The Japanese, however, only slurp their noodles without first contort them, an act which is of course noisier than the former one. Making slurping sonics is a way of indicating that you really like them when eating noodles in Japan.

Using the left hand for things – For some countries it is considered very disrespectful and offensive to use the left hand for eating or other activities. In these countries, cultures often use their left hand to clean after use of the toilet, and are thus considered dirty. This rule applies to many parts of the world including the Near East, Sri Lanka, India, and parts of Africa. Use your right hand always to greet, treat items, exchange money, and, of course, eat in one of those parts of the world.

These are Some Strange Things Happens In Different Countries

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