Surprising Facts About Human Tongue

Surprising Facts About Human Tongue

Look for fascinating facts about the human tongue? You’re at the right time, the right place! The human tongue is the most overlooked organ, outside on special occasions, at course. And it’s one of our body’s most powerful organs. We can’t survive without the brain, heart, or lungs but without our tongue we can survive. Here are some Surprising Facts About Human Tongue

It doesn’t mean we don’t need it however. This specific organ is important as it allows us to taste our food! There are other essential tongue functions, too. So, let’s know fascinating facts about the human tongue today. Are you ready for this?

  • Our tongue is the home of our gourmets. Looking under a magnifying glass, hundreds and thousands of tiny bumps on the tongue might become apparent. These bumps are known as papillae, and are our taste buds’ real home.
  • Tongue isn’t the only place where foodies live. You will even find taste buds on the inside of our cheeks, on our lips, on the roof of our mouth and also under the tongue.
  • There are about 10,000 taste buds in our mouth, 8,000 of which live on our tongue, and the remaining 2,000 are found in the places we described in the previous chapter.
  • In the whole body the tongue is NOT THE STRONGEST muscle. This is just a story. It’s one of THE MOST flexible muscles in our body though.
  • Tongue beats every other muscle in our body, in terms of strength! Thanks to this mobility, the tongue can easily control food within the mouth and can also serve as a natural cleanser for our teeth after a meal.
Surprising Facts About Human Tongue
  • Tongueprints (actually tongueprints) are specific to humans (very much the same as fingerprints). Various human tongues are of various types and will have differing numbers of taste buds, making the tongue imprints special.
  • Tongue has a very rough look. Have you ever noticed this while kissing someone?

These Are Some Surprising Facts About Human Tongue

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