Pet Care Tips

Pet Care Tips: Easy Ways To Know Your Dog’s Problem

If you have a pet dog in your home, then you’re going to have to take care of it like a little child. From the dog’s training to taking care of every... Read more »
Dangerous Dogs In The World

Dangerous Dogs In The World

Nearly every dog is likely to cause unbelievable damage and risk, but some races are more likely to react and lead to deaths! These races should be most careful to obedience, socialized,... Read more »
'Day Of The Dogs'

‘Day Of The Dogs’ Festival In Nepal For Dogs

In Hindu religion, “Diwali” or “Lights Festival” is an autumn festival celebrating the human relationship with all things. Every day focuses on something special, and particular observances vary according to one Hindu... Read more »
fact about puppies

Facts About Puppies That Will Surprise You

Surprising Facts About Puppies 1. Puppies are born deaf and blind. 2. They sleep about 15-20 hours a day. 3. Puppies are ‘adults’ on turning one. 4. They like singing-talking. 5. Puppies... Read more »
10 Most Dangerous Animals

Dangerous Animals In The World

What are the 10 most dangerous species in the world you would say? A shark? A tiger? What about a crocodile? Though these are frightening predators, the deadliest animal in the world... Read more »