Facts About GST

Facts About GST (Goods And Services Tax)

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax that was levied as of 1 July 2017 in India. The main aim of the introduction of this tax is to make the... Read more »
Ants Abdomen Changes Colour

Ants Abdomen Changes Colour After Eating

Some of the ants change from colour to colour, producing new variations in their bodies. Here is how Ants Abdomen Changes Colour After Eating. The drops retained their shape when consumed by... Read more »
Unknown Facts About Amazon

Unknown Facts About Amazon

Amazon details are especially important now; with Amazon making some of the most costly acquisitions of businesses in the most unexpected sectors, there is plenty of speculation as to why and what... Read more »
Why Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears

Why Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears

The butterflies are possibly drawn to the tears of the tortoises because the liquid drops contain salt, specifically sodium, an essential mineral that is scanty in the western Amazon, said Phil Torres,... Read more »
Reasons Why You're Mosquitoes Magnet

Reasons Why You’re Mosquitoes Magnet

Many interesting reasons why you’re a mosquitoes magnet. In the afternoon barbecue or evening out, mosquitoes like near darker colours and infectious shades sit in the company and only mosquitoes will be... Read more »
Letter 'M' On Hand

Letter ‘M’ On Hand Mean Something Special

Have you got letter M on your hand. Here’s what that means. The lines in your hand’s palm will say a great deal about your Love, beauty, work, performance and health. This... Read more »
Flour Sack Dresses History

Flour Sack Dresses History

The Fascinating History Of Flour Sack Dresses Colourful patterns to make skirts for women featured in flour sacks of the 1930s. People also enjoy saving money today and increasing waste through clever... Read more »
High Heels Were Meant for Men

High Heels Were Meant for Men

Did you know? High Heels Were Originally Meant for Men Facts About High Heels High heels were made for men, and were not made for walking. Persian soldiers wore heels for centuries... Read more »
Whispers From Mount Kailash

Whispers From Mount Kailash At Night

How The Sound of Whispers Comes at Night From Mount Kailash In Hinduism, it is believed that Lord Shiva is sitting on the mountain of Mount Kailash. The mountain is rife with... Read more »
Top 2019 Prediction

Top 2019 Predictions

Top Predictions That Might Come True In 2019!! Predictions for 2019 by Nostradamus Nostradamus prophecies predict that 2019 will be a year of justice, and earthquakes and hurricanes are likely to occur... Read more »