How long should you nap for?

How Long Should You Nap For?

Sleep is very important for everyone but did you know that how long should you nap for during day time? Lets discuss about the nap timings. 10-20 minutes – To improve alertness,... Read more »
inspirational stodry of Madeline Stuart

Inspirational Story Of Model Madeline Stuart

This is an inspiring story of 18-year old model Madeline Stuart. Madeline Stuart lost 44 lbs to keep her alive and then she became a model, An inspiring story of model Madeline Stuart.  Madeline Stuart (born in Brisbane, Australia, on 13 November 1996) is an Australian model with a Down syndrome. She has appeared on the catwalk of the New York Fashion Week,... Read more »
Facts About Healthy Sleep

Facts About Healthy Sleep

A lack of night’s sleep can make you cranky the next day. And skimping on sleep can mess up more than just your morning mood. Research shows that having enough quality sleep will help improve all sorts... Read more »
healthy benefits of singing

Health Benefits Of Singing You Should Know

Singing brings happiness to a lot of people – but do you know your passion for singing can bring numerous health benefits? Here are some health benefits of singing. Physical Benefits Of... Read more »
more reasons to eat fruit

More Reasons to Eat Fruit!

Everyone knows that fruits are perfect for a healthy life. Here are some more reasons to eat fruit and why fruits are best for your health. Fruits are very important in everyone’s diet.... Read more »