Top Hacks For Everyday Trouble

Top Hacks For Everyday Trouble

Here are life hacks we’ve learned that will certainly make your life easier and they can be used every day. Top Hacks For Everyday Trouble

  • Do you have a bad night cough? Put some Vick’s VaporRub on your feet, put on socks and your cough is going to go away.
  • Using a hair straightener to iron out certain places which are hard to reach while ironing your shirts.
  • Immediately after having painted your nails, put them in cold water for 3 minutes. That’s going to dry the nail polish and help get rid of everything that’s got on your hands.
  • If you have old hard-to-open wooden drawers, take a candlestick and scratch it on the corners. The wax makes the drawers open and close easily.
  • How to check whether an avocado is ripe or not. If the skin is dark under the stem the fruit is too mature. If it’s light then that’s okay.
  • Place this in between two sheets of wax paper to soften butter quickly. Roll out the butter using a rolling pin until it is about 1/4 “thick.
  • Before you start painting, add a spoonful of vanilla extract to your paint. This does not change the colour at all, but will mask the fumes of the paint and will smell like vanilla to your entire room.
  • To avoid ice cream from melting, just put a marshmallow inside before scooping the ice cream in the cone. It will suck up the ice cream, and at the end of your ice cream cone, you’ll get an extra yummy treat.
Top Hacks For Everyday Trouble
  • If you have dents from furniture in your carpet, take an ice-cube and put it in the divot and melt it. Then, raise the fibers gently with a spoon. I did it before when I moved and it really works.
  • Cover the taco shells with a leaf of lettuce. When the shell splits then the lettuce leaf collects the rest of the fillings.
  • Tie a big knot in the shoelaces to wash tennis shoes in the washing machine. Then, put the shoes in the washer, lacing the laces across the door. Open the door to ensure the knot is on the washer’s exterior. This will bring the shoes up against the door to keep down the noise.

These are some amazing Top Hacks For Everyday Trouble

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