Unknown Facts About Amazon

Unknown Facts About Amazon

Amazon details are especially important now; with Amazon making some of the most costly acquisitions of businesses in the most unexpected sectors, there is plenty of speculation as to why and what is really going on. The only way to foresee what a company will do in the future is always to analyze what they have done in the past. Let’s talk about some Unknown Facts About Amazon.

The world’s top stores are Target and CVS. Amazon.com is sixth and will close. Yet unlike numbers one and two, Amazon has never created a single, physical product; nor does it have a storefront of brick and mortar.

Here are some Unknown Facts About Amazon That You should know

  • Amazon started out in the garage of the house of creator Jeff Bezos in Bellevue, Washington.
  • It only sold books when the web site first went online.
  • According to the latest book by author Jeff Stone, in the early days of Amazon, any time anyone made a purchase, a bell would ring in the office.
  • Amazon’s logo depicts a grin in the name from A to Z to mean “the organization is able to provide anything to anyone, anywhere in the world.”
  • It received orders from customers in 50 US states and 45 countries around the globe during Amazon’s first month of operation.
  • After the crazy holiday season of 1998 Amazon’s trend of recruiting too many seasonal employees began.
  • As the company expanded exponentially, the hope was that early workers would work no less than 60 hours a week.
  • Amazon’s Phoenix, Ariz., fulfillment center consists of 1.2 million square feet.
  • Members of Amazon Prime spend $1.340 per annum.
  • Statistics on Amazon.com show that it took Amazon almost seven years to start making some real profits. It was January 2002 before its first profitable quarter was announced, making a modest $5million.
Unknown Facts About Amazon
  • In August 2013, the company lost $4.8 million, when the website went down for 40 minutes.

When a company can make life simpler and cheaper for its consumers by concentrating on variety, quality and comfort, there is no limit to what it can achieve. Only the next big thing is going to please them.

Do these facts about Amazon.com help you see where Amazon is heading? Do you feel motivated by these Amazon.com facts about potential inventions for your company?

These Are Some Unknown Facts About Amazon

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