Visible Veins Through Skin

Visible Veins Through Skin

Our veins pose a smart one-way valve system that fulfils an essential role of bringing oxygen-poor blood back to the heart from the body. Usually, we don’t worry too much about our veins until we see them showing up under the skin. When your veins have become noticeable and you can’t find out why don’t worry. Occasionally, popular veins will warn us about other health problems, but in other cases, they have normal causes that are not harmful to your heart. Here is why we have Visible Veins Through Skin.

After exercise, veins may become prominent

It is common to see veins during a workout. The muscles work when you exercise, they bulge and move the veins into the skin surface making them noticeable. The muscles contract after the workout and the veins are less noticeable.

Veins that bulge are common when you have low body fat

Low body fat can be a justification to make the veins noticeable too. Small people have a small layer of fat under their skin and this thin layer of fat can not cover the veins to the maximum, making them more visible.

Many women see veins popping out during pregnancy

Clear veins are a concern many pregnant women are having and there’s nothing to think about. A pregnant woman’s blood volume is greater than a non-pregnant woman’s, and the veins struggle to keep up with the increased amount of blood. The vessel network is working hard to bring the increased amount of blood across the woman’s body to nourish the fetus. When during pregnancy you have clear veins but you have never seen them before, they will possibly ‘disappear’ after delivery.

Visible Veins Through Skin

Warmer temperatures

The body sends extra blood to the surface of the veins to try to cool the body while it is hot outside. This can often influence how well the veins work. If this happens, they may widen as more pools of blood in hands.

Conversely, when they are cold, a person may find that their veins are less noticeable.

Bulging veins in the hands don’t pose a major medical problem for most people. They are mostly a cosmetic issue. Anyone who is interested in getting rid of them through look into cosmetic treatment procedures for the veins.

An individual should speak to a doctor if they have other symptoms or are concerned that the bulging veins could be causing a medical problem. A health care professional may identify any underlying conditions and prescribe effective therapies.

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