Ways Of Holding Mobile Can Reveal Your Personality

Ways Of Holding Mobile

Statistics estimate there will be nearly 3 billion users of smartphones by 2020. From the point of techno-progress, this reality is not only interesting but also from the psychological side of things. This is because the manner in which we manage, operate, and navigate our smartphones will disclose several characteristics you would never expect. Here is how Ways Of Holding Mobile Can Reveal About Your Personality.

We have prepared a fascinating test based on how you carry your phone that will show your true self.

You hang on to it with one hand

If you are the kind of person who scrolls with only one hand through your news feed, clicking and typing, you are an extremely optimistic person. You are the one who is willing to gamble anything, but wisely, that will help you achieve desired results.

But, in comparison matters you are quite the same. You want to have enough time to consider whether or not you need this person in your life, before you agree to start a relationship. People may perceive you as an isolated and reserved person because of this.

You use one hand to hold the phone and the second hands thumb to scroll.

Holding a handset this way shows your intelligence. You are intuitive, intelligent, smart, sensible and cautious. Before you do the first you count your acts several steps forward. You prefer to reason with everything that happens in your life which makes it very difficult to trick you.

And in matters of love you can hardly be considered smart. You are the one who makes fast and unthinking decisions that can often destroy the relationships that you are in. And, when it comes to dating, you are deeply judgmental.

Both hands are used to carry and to use the device.

Using both hands to hold the phone shows your passion for speed. You are fast, effective and able to make decisions immediately. You can adapt easily to the rapidly changing world and function effectively under new conditions.

If it comes to passion, the usefulness is not working too well. Actually it’s quite the opposite — it’s disappearing. Often you don’t get closer to a person you like because of the assertiveness that might intimidate your future partner.

You use one hand to support and second hands index finger to use the screen.

Holding a handset this way is all about imagination. You have a lot of brilliant ideas that you are trying to put into action in life and that you are doing very well. You like being alone to bring together all your thoughts and create another masterpiece that will amaze the world. Whether it’s a new project, a sculpture, or a poem, your works are typically extremely productive.

Your imagination turns into shyness in romantic relationships which often prevents you from forming new bonds. But if anyone gets to know you better, they are certainly going to be shocked at your personality.

This is How Ways Of Holding Mobile Can Reveal Your Personality

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