Wedding Attire Across The World

Wedding Attire Across The World

While the wedding day may be the best-dressed day in a person’s life, standards of style vary from one culture to another. The following are locations around the world where the traditional wedding day traditions, wardrobes, and dresses are slightly different than in the U.S. Here are some Traditional Wedding Attire Across The World.

Given the variations, the Menguin staff find these look incredibly cool and can not wait for our next foreign wedding.


In Japanese weddings, brides mostly wear two or more dresses — white and red — during the ceremony.


Today, the vast majority of Romanian youth favor modern fashion weddings. Modern ceremonies can still be seen in more remote areas, however. Even though Romania isn’t big, every region has its own wedding costumes.


Modern Ghanaian weddings are very colourful. Their national styles of fabric vary with various patterns and colours. Each family has their own pattern of cloths.

Sri Lanka

On her wedding day the bride also is the focus of attention. Even if you are at a typical Sri Lankan wedding, you will most likely not be able to take your eyes off the groom.


Red or pink wedding dresses are the traditional costume of choice in Indian culture for brides. Traditionally married women in the northern regions wear a red dot in the middle of their foreheads.

Wedding Attire Across The World

Northern Europe

The Sami are the Lapland dependent indigenous people. Their owners will tell you a lot about their traditional clothes. Square buttons, for example, indicate the person is married, while single people wear round buttons on belts.


Though Pakistan is an Islamic country, its customs have much in common with customs in India. The most famous of them are drawing intricate henna designs on the hands of the bride, and wearing a red wedding dress.

Bali, Indonesia

With its richness and magnificence, Balinese weddings will certainly amaze you. Traditional wedding dress has many intricate aspects to it. In addition both groom and bride normally wear gold crowns on their heads during the ceremony.

These are some Traditional Wedding Attire Across The World

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