Wi-Fi Is A Silent Killer

Wi-Fi Is A Silent Killer

Everyone in modern society is addicted to the Internet. With the Wi-Fi revolution, that has made things much easier. This is how Wi-Fi Is A Silent Killer

We can now surf the Internet anytime we need it, no matter where we are or where we go.

However, as far as our safety is concerned, the companies manufacturing Wi-Fi routers need to follow certain stringent guidelines to make these devices safe for our health.

Nevertheless, it is a fact that we can not stop using the newest technology entirely. We can not, therefore, encourage you to avoid using wireless devices and Wi-Fi routers.

Fortunately, there are ways you can shield yourself from WIFI risks:

  • Prevent a cordless router from being placed in your kitchen or bedroom.
  • Don’t just keep your phone in your pockets.
  • Usage of wired phones to mitigate electromagnetic radiation while in the house.
  • If you’re pregnant, don’t bring your phone close to your belly.
  • Make sure that you keep your phone on the other end of the room, or on the floor.
  • Allow more use of text than talk.
  • Do not use wireless displays for children, because they all run on microwave frequency.
  • Detach all Wi-Fi systems when you fall asleep.

Childhood Development Dangers of WIFI

Wi-Fi non-thermal radio frequency radiation can disrupt the normal development of cells, particularly fetal ones.
This radiation has an effect on increasing tissues, for example in children and young people.

They will, therefore, be more vulnerable than normal to the outcomes mentioned and are at higher risk of developmental issues.

Wi-Fi Is A Silent Killer

Reduces Sperm impact

Wi-Fi is another aspect that affects male potency.

Wi-Fi frequency sensitivity, therefore, minimizes sperm movement and induces disruption of the Genome. It may also affect fertility, or increase the risk of premature pregnancy.

Increases Cancer Risk

Direct exposure to electromagnetic radiation increases the risk of developing cancer development.

This is how Wi-Fi Is A Silent Killer

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