Your Personality According To The Birth Month

Your Personality According To The Birth Month

The month we are born will tell a great thing about who we were supposed to be when we were kids. Determining the character for a person using the month of birth is also a normal practice in numerology. Scientists and statisticians have found that birth months have an effect on everything from job choices to attitude. Babies born in July, for example, are usually more positive and optimistic. They’re much more likely to have issues with vision. Here is Your Personality According To The Birth Month.


Babies in January are almost always loyal to their parents but often display a lot of stubbornness in their everyday behaviour. This also causes them to be separated from their siblings rather than if they were born in certain months.


This month’s born babies are both creatively motivated, and generally healthy.

In general, these characteristics result in having lots of friends and being very relaxed in their own skin. All good stuff, right?


Children in March can be quiet, but under the surface, they have a lot going on. They just have to relax and become relaxed enough to share their inner feelings with the world . But if you lose a March baby’s confidence it’s very difficult to get back.


Babies in April appear to be pushed quickly, and in a rush for some reason. This also causes them to forget about “enjoying the trip,” rather than being obsessed with the goal.


In search of their dreams babies may prefer to wave goodbye to life. This means that they often make large plans but prefer to rely on others for the expertise in execution.


Individuals born in June appear to be delicate, even weak. They are really respectful, and seek to preserve the peace between those around them.


Fun is the game name to those who were born in July. It may be the care-free summer months, but when joking and letting loose, they seem to be happier. They are always shifting but, even with a busy lifestyle, they remain intensely loyal to their families.


If you are looking for a joke, try and track down a baby from August. As leaders, they continue to excel beyond their winning sense of humor because they command respect, mostly because of compelling life experiences.


While some months bear children who are dreamers, babies in September appear to be more specific in their learning, concentrating on what it takes to get things done.

As of September, there are a shockingly high number of perfectionists.

Your Personality According To The Birth Month


They are group eggheads. Babies in October love soaking up knowledge, making it more analytical or academic than the ones born in other months.

They often tend to be more interested in family than most people, breaking away from the books, and sometimes their time outside the library is spent with loved ones.


It is difficult to get to know babies from November. Though they’re not going to say no to a good time, they prefer to hold personal information … well, personal. There is always a flood of thoughts going through their minds, but it’s not always that easy to communicate.


Despite sharing a birthday so close to Christmas and other holidays, kids in December are marked by a desire to be the priority. This characteristic may turn into stubbornness and inflexibility but they prefer to keep up with their fascinating personalities when they’re on and getting attention.

So, These are Your Personality According To The Birth Month

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